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5 ways to Overcome Interview jitters

two women interview

two women interview

First of all, you got the interview! Congratulations!

Now you’re getting ready for it. You’ve researched your organization on Guidestar. You’ve got your interview questions. You’ve got your pad, pen, and a good idea of what 3 major issues the organization is facing right now,and how you can help solve those issues.

1. Breathe. Meditate for 10 minutes before going into your interview.

2. Have a friend coach you in the interview questions. Get good at responding positively to potentially negative questions, such as, ‘Why did you leave your last job?”

3. Drink a cup of herbal or green tea, not coffee, before the interview.

4. Know that you can help them solve their problems.

5. Remember. It’s just a job. You will have many jobs in your life. This is just one interview. If you make it, great, and if not, you’ll have another chance to do better next time.

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