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Abortion. A line in the sand.


Look what I found


A Huffpost commenter, Karmabug, said it best:

“I’m sorry, but all I can read is, “We were deeply shaken by the outpouring of support, and most importantly money, to Planned Parenthood and not us. We have reversed our decision for now so you may continue to send money to us and not them. With this money we will continue to exploit women with a serious disease and fund lots of pink things rather than actual research.”


Personally, I think it’s ridiculous that we are still having this discussion, 100 years after Margaret Sanger started campaigning.

I don’t always speak out about abortion, but when I do, I Do It Loudly.

My friend, Pamela Grow, wrote an email and sent it out today. She talked about supporting Planned Parenthood.

She got some pretty snippy emails requesting to be taken off her list because of her position on Komen’s new public anti-choice stance. People said she should keep her personal and political views out of her newsletter.

To that I say, “You’re only saying that because you don’t agree with my politics and personal views. If you did, you wouldn’t say anything.”

What is the point of blogging if you can’t share your personal opinion? That’s the whole reason we started blogging, I think?

Let me tell you a secret.

My first story that I ever wrote, when I was 16 years old, was about a girl named Mazarine and her friend Tse Tse going on a roadtrip in a big convertible. And they were going to get Tse Tse an abortion. And then they did. And lived happily ever after. The end.

When I lived in Korea and my significant other wanted to have a debate about abortion and “play devil’s advocate” I got so upset that I broke down in tears. I just could not be with someone who wanted to debate a woman’s right to do what she wanted with her own body.

In high school, I went out with someone who was adopted, and they said they were anti-abortion because if their birth parents had believed in abortion, they wouldn’t be here. I could understand that. They still didn’t think that they had the right to tell any woman what to do with her body though. That takes a special kind of sickness.

Komen Planned Parenthood ECard

So you can imagine how sympathetic I am with Komen right now. Which is to say, not at all. I didn’t like them much before, because of how ubiquitous they were, but now that I’ve heard from Mother Jones that they are GOP funders, I like them even less.

Yesterday I was in line at the post office and casually asked my friend what he thought of the whole debacle. He said, “It’s terrible. Komen should support Planned Parenthood.” And the woman in front of us in line turned around and said, “YES, they should!” And she had been a staunch supporter of Komen. No longer.

So I do what I can. I donate to The Lilith Fund. I volunteer with Planned Parenthood when I can. I used to be an intern in their New York City offices. I believe very much in what they do.

But what do they do, exactly? Well, let’s take a break from anecdote and opinion, and talk facts.

  • They prevent more abortions than any anti-choice organization.
  • They give more mammograms, preventing breast cancer, than any breast cancer nonprofit.
  • They give more physicals to people who have no access to healthcare than any other nonprofit.
  • They also do STD testing on anyone and it takes 10 minutes and there is no judgemental atmosphere. I have been there with friends and it has all been convivial.

One look at the anti-choice website of, say, this nonprofit, or this media company, shows how they actively seek to prevent women from getting abortions. This is unconscionable.

Kivi Leroux Miller has also talked about this.

What do you think of this whole debacle?

Tell me where you stand.

Want to do something useful?

Sign the MoveOn petition to tell Komen what you think about defunding Planned Parenthood

You can also write, ping on twitter, or call the top Komen corporate funders. one thing we fundraisers know best is if you want to tell a nonprofit you don’t agree with their direction, complain to their funders. Their funders will listen, and look more critically at the decision to fund them.

Tweet for your tweeting: “@yoplaityogurt, I urge you to withdraw your donations from @komenforthecure #istandwithplannedparenthood”

Komen Big corporate sponsors:
* Yoplait @yoplaityogurt
* Bank of America @bofa_help
* Caltrate
* Ford @ford
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* Self Magazine @selfmagazine
* Walgreens @walgreens
* Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity @ztafraternity
* Georgia-Pacific @georgiapacific

And ALL the rest:

ACH Food Companies: Bake for the Cure
Acushnet – Titleist, Pinnacle and FootJoy Worldwide
Alternative Apparel
American Airlines
American Blue Ribbon Holdings
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Ansell Healthcare Products LLC
Aquage (SalonQuest, LLC)
Arizona AFO
Armouth International
Avcor Healthcare Products, Inc.
Balance Walking by Foot Solutions
Bank of America
BCBG MAXAZRIA and ClearVision Optical
Beemster Cheese
Berkley Packaging Company, Inc.
Boar’s Head Provisions Co., Inc.
BoConcept USA, Inc.
Boots Retail USA, Inc
Boston Proper
Boston Warehouse
Bowl for the Cure
Brinker International
Brown Shoe Company
California Pear Advisory Board
Canari Cyclewear
Candy Coburn – Pink Warrior
Caribou Coffee Company, Inc.
Carlisle Collection, Ltd
Century Payments
Charlotte Motor Speedway and The Dollar General 300 Miles of Courage
Chasing Fireflies
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Citizen Watch Company of America
Clean Ones Corporation
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Major League Baseball
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You don’t have to agree with me about abortion. But since this is my blog, I will let you know that overtly hateful comments will be removed. You win some, you lose some.


2 responses on “Abortion. A line in the sand.

  1. Mazarine Mazarine says:

    Thank you for your response Pam. I am so grateful for your story here.

    It’s not about life, you’re right. It’s about power and control. Money and control.

    It’s about people’s basic rights, not just women’s rights. It’s about equality of access to healthcare. I saw a lot of men in the Planned Parenthood waiting room when I went a few years ago. And they sure weren’t there to kill time!

    Thank you again for your powerful response Pam.


  2. Pamela Grow says:

    Thank you for this thoughtful post Mazarine.

    I am not pro-abortion. No one is. I am pro-choice and that stance was formed in my early 20’s when I had the good fortune to become friends with a woman, then 42, who had nearly died from an illegal abortion years earlier. An abortion that took place in a tiny room above a theater in downtown Detroit. I never forgot her story. I knew her to be one of the kindest, gentlest, bravest ladies I have ever had the pleasure of knowing – and one of the best mothers (she had four children).

    I believe strongly that this is not an issue about “life,” rather it is about money and control. For haven’t abortions been going on since the beginning of time? And haven’t the wealthy always had access to a safe medical procedure, even prior to Roe v Wade?

    If the real issue was life, we’d be ensuring that the safety net was there for our seniors, for those with disabilities and others in need. We would be supporting programs like Head Start and food stamps, and adequately funding public education. We would be ensuring that all  have access to health care. We would not be dreaming up senseless wars that do nothing but line the coffers of a select few and sending our best and brightest off to die.

    To show respect for all, regardless of their race or sexual orientation or gender, and to allow people to live with dignity is what it really means to be ‘pro-life’.