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Mazarine Treyz is the author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising, and founder of, a popular fundraising resource with 50,000 monthly readers. She also wrote The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media, given a 5 star rating by Her latest book, Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide, was also given a 5 star review by Ms. Treyz has co-founded a nonprofit and worked in fundraising roles for 10 years. She’s raised millions for small, national and international charities via grants, events, sponsorships, crowdfunding, appeals. She’s trained over 10,000 people from 2011-2015 and helped nonprofits raise millions more.

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I love to read, draw, make art, write, and encourage others in their dreams. To see some encaustic and felt art, check out my instagram.



I have been featured on national syndicated media, including Fundraising Success Magazine, The Chronicle of Philanthropy,’s Fundraising Fundamentals podcast, Fundraising Success Magazine,Tony Martignetti’s Nonprofit Radio show, and the Career Clinic with Maureen Anderson.



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Since I first stumbled across your “Wild Woman Fundraising,” I have wanted to be in touch with you. Like so many of my colleagues–I think especially my women colleagues–in fundraising, we’re running at a thousand miles and hour and want someone to come alongside us to tell us we aren’t crazy, we’re making progress on doing the right things, we are making a difference. Thank you for playing that role for me.

I have 33 years of non-profit fundraising experience. I earned my Certified Fund Raising Executive designation in 1991. Thanks for bringing what you do to the rest of us. Your resources, your presence, your personal stories, the successes and opportunities you share are very meaningful to me. Please keep doing what you are doing!

Blessings to you in your important work, –Ruth E. Messick CFRE, Vice President of Gift Planning and Public Relations


“It was fantastic talking with you last week! You are a genius and I was so appreciative of your advice and input. I cannot tell you how much your advice has already benefitted me! I did speak with our Maestro/Executive Director, and explained the risk of burnout and how many hours once human being can work without getting frustrated, HE AGREED!!!
Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I look forward to communicating and working with you in the future!” With Sincerity and Respect, C. Williams, Ph.D., Development Director


“When I stumbled upon Mazarine’s blog at midnight, I was in search of answers; answers that would take my nonprofit to the next level. Being a new executive manager in a new career field, I often wondered if my current approach was the best approach or even an effective approach. I found the Wildwoman Fundraising blog and immediately signed up for the newsletter. I have been a huge supporter ever since. Mazarine confirmed my initial efforts and instincts, and she was a great encouragement to my capabilities. Through her webinars, very informative blog post, and newsletters, my e-mail marketing open rates have increased to 17% from 9%, my fundraising revenue has increased 50% in 7 months, and we have implemented key development plans that would have never been executed had it not been for her consulting. I have purchased both the Wildwoman’s Guide to Fundraising and the Wildwoman’s Guide to Social Media and both books are absolutely wonderful resources for any nonprofit management and development staff. I would certainly recommend Mazarine for any of your nonprofit/fundraising needs!” -Kenita Pierce-Lewis, Founder, H.O.P.E. Inc, Georgia.

About this blog


I wanted to write to let you know of the success I had with my annual appeal letter this year. I was stuck. I toiled over many versions of my letter and nothing felt right. I read your blog about a good appeal letter and the part about appealing to the readers emotions hit me as well as the advised format. Shortly after that it came to me and I wrote the letter in five minutes. I told a story about a parents journey through Catholic education. The story is my story. I also read the story at our annual kickoff event. One donor wrote us a check for more than half our goal that night!! When I talked to her after to thank her she said the story inspired her. It’s her story too. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the good words for the little development offices like mine with part time staff and limited resources!! -Renee Motazedi, Development Director, Joplin Area Catholic Schools
“I just want to say that even though I rarely have time to delve too deeply into all the stuff I want to in your emails; that I always love them and read as much as I can. They/You are real. As much as I respect the dozen or so other emails that show up from NonProfitWebAdvisor/WealthAdvisor/NonProfitbyKnowledge/FoundationDirectory and so on, they don’t get opened. You and Blue Avocado are the ones that speak to me!

So THANK YOU! If we were rich, you’d be one of the ones I’d donate to- cuz you give a lot (and are probably responsible for a lot of positive change you never actually see) for free!”

– Patricia Osage, Executive Director, LIFE ElderCare


“I want to thank you for sharing your “wild” witty, warm and wonderful insights into all things NFP! I have a company which works on the corporate side of the table-Cause Marketing-and you have so effectively channeled the elephant in the room! I’ve found myself working harder for the NFP in some cases than the paid professionals!

Your blogs are a voice of common sense, humanity and most importantly, LOL humor in a world of “unreal reality”

Had a meeting with two corporate clients this week, one said “I’m in business to satisfy my greed” Another “I don’t want you to promote my company, just me, me me!” Oh My! Thanks for keeping me sane!” -Reader in North Carolina launched in December 2009. This blog has 50,000 monthly readers, over 270K incoming links, and is consistently rated one of the top fundraising blogs by industry experts, including FundraisingSuccess Magazine, and people on Twitter too!

Mazarine Treyz