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Do you make direct mail happen for your nonprofit? This App’s for you!

This is the first app I have ever made!

Have you ever been thrown into an appeal process and not known where to start? When you’re fundraising for a cause, you want to make sure you don’t waste any time. You’ve got ten more things to do and you need to get this mailing out, FAST.

Enter the Wild Appeals Fundraising App, based on The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising book, by Mazarine Treyz. This App helps you make sure that you never forget another appeal mailing step. Works for annual report mailings too!

Fundraising Android App

Fundraising Android App

How much is peace of mind worth to you? This app will ensure that you have that peace of mind. This easy to use checklist will make sure that you get your cardboard sleeves, strapping, bulk mailing permits and more all in the correct order. No more fumbling for little pieces of paper. No more scrambling because you forgot one key step!

It’s all in your phone!

This app will make you more productive, and more successful. You will have more time to raise more money, because you will be more organized. Buy the Wild Appeals! Fundraising App today!

Who is # 3 in the Android fundraising app marketplace? That would be us!

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