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What are people saying about my e-newsletter?

Hi Mazarine, I just want to say I really really really enjoy your emails.  They are very inspirational!  We fundraise once a year within the congregation, so fundraising is not part of this office, but I NEVER delete your emails. Keep up the wonderful work that you do! Your emails are a JOY to read. -Jacqueline, Calgary


“You are awesome, Mazarine. You’re super great at encouraging fundraisers like me, and I am grateful that you have made that a focus and priority. Your information is always incredibly helpful and timely. I love the resources you GIVE US FREELY!  You are a rockstar!  You make me a better fundraiser. Just wanted you to know how appreciated you are!” -A. Morgan


I love your emails! You are a terrific and captivating writer who has great knowledge of fundraising. Thanks for all of your inspiration! -Jill Loethen, University fundraising professional


Just wanted to let you know I enjoy receiving your enewsletters. They are always interesting, informative and enlightening. I appreciate your unique, tongue in cheek humor, as well.  Why be so serious about fundraising, right?  Love your style! In today’s enews email I especially appreciated reading the article about the new rules for fundraising. Thanks for all you do to help the fundraisers of the world.

-Kim Johnsen, Director of Marketing and Membership, Natural Land Institute


“I want to thank you for sharing your “wild” witty, warm and wonderful insights into all things NFP! I have a company which works on the corporate side of the table-Cause Marketing-and you have so effectively channeled the elephant in the room! I’ve found myself working harder for the NFP in some cases than the paid professionals!

Your blogs are a voice of common sense, humanity and most importantly, LOL humor in a world of “unreal reality”

Had a meeting with two corporate clients this week, one said “I’m in business to satisfy my greed” Another “I don’t want you to promote my company, just me, me me!” Oh My! Thanks for keeping me sane!” -Reader in North Carolina


“Omg mazarine I need a dose of you everyday!! U r amazing.” -Reader in Philadelphia, PA


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