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Fundraising Career Pathing - How to Take the Right Job for You

21 March 2017


 March 21, 2017

 Are you wondering how to get ahead in your fundraising career?

Do you know there are things you need to do to get to that next job, but you’re not sure how to look good enough to the hiring manager?

It’s difficult to know what to do. So many of us just get dropped into this job, without knowing what comes next.

That’s why fundraising recruiter (and 10+ year fundraising veteran) Phil Gerard has created a career pathing model for you. In this career pathing model, you’ll see what a first job in fundraising will typically require, what a subsequent job in fundraising will need from you, and how to stretch your skills or experiences to get the job after that. This plan can be customized depending on the path you want to follow in fundraising.

How do you know what path you want to follow in fundraising?

Check out the rest of the e-book (link to download below), 

This book has

  • Different job titles in fundraising with the traits you should have for each one,
  • A List of fundraising job specializations
  • Networking notebook to help you interview people at different nonprofits you’re looking at working at, to see which one you’d like best.
  • Sample good questions to ask in these interviews

It’s all part of the fundraising career path ebook. If you’d like to read this ebook, just download it here. (Will start a PDF download)

And if you’d like even more career advice, we have an incredible line-up at the online Fundraising Career Conference this April 17-21, 2017.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside the e-book. 

Your Fundraising Career Pathing Model

By Phil Gerard, Fundraising Recruiter

Sample Fundraising Career Path

Development Associate


  • Associate or Bachelor of Arts

  • Diploma

  • Fundraising Essentials Course


  • Some work and volunteer experience in fundraising

  • Administrative experience

to Development Coordinator

Education: Fundraising Essentials course


  • Previous fundraising experience

  • Events experience

  • Coordination experience

  • Writing experience

to Development Officer


  • Add fundraising certificate program

  • Join AFP

  • Continue professional development through seminars, conferences and specific workshops


  • Ask for opportunities to solicit face-to-face gifts, even in a supporting role

  • Find a mentor (i.e. to go on calls with)

to Development Manager


  • Continue professional development through seminars, conferences and specific workshops

  • Focus on management training


  • Gain hands-on experience on all aspects of major gifts

  • Build your face-to-face experience and track-record in soliciting gifts

  • Ask for opportunities to mentor, supervise

to Development Director


  • Continue professional development through seminars, conferences and specific workshops

  • Add formal management training


  • Get hand-on experience supervising a growing team

  • Continue to increase your experience in all aspects of major gifts

  • Increase the gift level gradually from 5 to 6 to 7-figures

Now-you can fill out your own career path below!

My Fundraising Job Path

Job 1: _________________________________

Timeline from _________ to _______________

What do I need to do?







If you’d like an easily printable format, just download the e-book here.

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