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Do you need some grants? We’ve made an Android App to help you.

So, remember last week when we came out with an android app for managing mailings?
No? Well, here it is.

What have people been saying about it?

Wild appeals Fundraising App review

Wild appeals Fundraising App review

Wild appeals Fundraising App review

Now, onto this week!

It’s Grants time!

But first, if you don’t already follow them, please follow Sandy Rees and Pamela Grow, subscribe to their blogs, and just get on that, because they know SO MUCH about grants!

Now, if you’re like me, you have grants heaped on your plate along with 100 other things, like marketing your nonprofit, events, major gifts, house parties, appeals, etc. Oh yeah, and social media too.

All of which could be full time jobs in and of themselves! So sometimes when you go to look for grants it’s hard to remember everything.

Which is why we created this Android App to help you do it.

Wild Grants! Fundraising Android App

So now you’ll remember each step and it will be super easy to stay on top of your grants!
And for $1.99, it’s like, so worth it.

Wild grants! Fundraising Android App

So, you can buy Wild Grants! in the Android App store!

If you’ve downloaded it, please leave a comment here or a review at the app store, we are always trying to get better, and this is only our second app, so we know we’ve got a ways to go!

PS. Also, you should follow Desiree Adaway. Because she rocks at nonprofit management!

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