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#LaughRiot May 18th! Are you laughing today?


Looking out on the withered American Dream, many of us feel a deep sense of betrayal.

Unemployment, financial insecurity, and lifelong enslavement to debt are just the tip of the iceberg.

We don’t want to merely fix the growth machine and bring profit and product to every corner of the earth .

We want to fundamentally change the course of civilization.

The American Dream betrayed even those who achieved it, lonely in their overtime careers and their McMansions, narcotized to the ongoing ruination of nature and culture but aching because of it, endlessly consuming and accumulating to quell the insistent voice:

I wasn’t put here on Earth to sell product. I wasn’t put here on earth to increase market share. I wasn’t put here on Earth to make numbers grow.

We protest not only at our exclusion from the American Dream; we protest at its bleakness.

If it cannot include everyone on Earth, every ecosystem and bioregion, every people and culture in its richness, if the wealth of one must be the debt of another; if it entails sweatshops and underclasses and fracking and all the rest of the ugliness our system as created, then we want none of it.

No one deserves to live in a world built upon the degradation of human beings, forests, waters, and the rest of our living planet.

Speaking to our brethren on Wall Street; no one deserves to spend their lives paying with numbers while the world burns.

Ultimately. we are protesting not only on behalf of the 99% left behind but on behalf of the 1% as well.

We have no enemies.

We want everyone to wake up to the beauty of what we can create.

-Charles Eisenstein, Adbusters, May/June 2012, Vol 20. No.3. pg 5.

Adbusters called for a laughriot on may 18th.

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