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Want to stay more private online?

mazarine treyz

Mazarine Treyz, with The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising and The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media

Have you ever wanted to delve into social media but been afraid of being tracked?

Turns out you were right to worry.

Between facebook privacy breaches, Evernote’s massive password hack and more, companies are now eager to prove that your data is safe with them. It’s not though.

Enter a new bill by Senator John Rockefeller IV called “Do-Not-Track Online Act of 2013.” It would require the F.T.C. to develop rules to prohibit online services from amassing personal details about users who had opted out of such tracking.

Some of the ad networks set up a place where you can opt out, but personally I don’t feel they go far enough. That’s why I created these privacy worksheets.

In these worksheets, we’ll go into how to browse anonymously, how to keep websites from tracking you, how to stay private on LinkedIn, how to stay private on Twitter, and how to stay private with your email as well.

Since the US energy grid plans were just hacked by the People’s Liberation Army of China, we have to remind ourselves that our online privacy is becoming more and more important. If another country can turn our energy grid on and off at will, that’s a huge security risk.

Unfortunately my worksheets can’t keep this from happening, but on a personal level, these can help keep your information out of the hands of unscrupulous data miners and advertisers. Take just a few of the steps I outline here, and you’ll have made yourself a lot safer from people who could try to manipulate you or even impersonate you online.

We go into detail about how to remain private on LinkedIn, on Twitter, and on web browsers. We also address Facebook, Gmail and Google+.

This excerpt from my book, The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media, will help you stay private online.

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Online Privacy Toolkit Worksheets by MazarineTreyz

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2 responses on “Want to stay more private online?

  1. Mazarine Mazarine says:

    Thanks for reminding us about that cookie blocker!

    I will write about privacy again. It’s much more important than people know.

    You rock Steve!


  2. Steve says:


    Thanks so much for writing about privacy. This is a really important topic, and, frustratingly, one that’s really hard to convince people it’s important.

    It’s a little like clean air or drinkable water, I think. We don’t really realize how important it is to keep pollution down until we visit a really smoggy city or turn on the tap somewhere for a drink of dirt-flavored water.

    Likewise, privacy issues so seldom actually affect us or our loved ones, and even when they do it ends up being a little inscrutable. It seems like it’s so easy for people to dismiss the importance of privacy with remarks, “oh, that doesn’t matter,” or “I don’t care about privacy,” or (my personal favorite) “I have no secrets, I have nothing to hide!”

    Well, even though we all do, that’s all irrelevant. It’s all beside the point: privacy is a human right. It’s our right to keep our information to ourselves, to share it with whom we want. It’s our right to be as open or closed as we want. Even though we casually toss this right away so much of the time, it’s still our right.

    So, I say thanks for writing about privacy, and I hope you’ll do so again.


    PS you might enjoy a privacy-oriented Firefox add-on I’ve written – the Aries Cookie Block –