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Have you ever wished there was an Instagram for your desktop computer, so you could play with your nonprofit pictures and have them come out beautifully? Well, there is!

With the recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, people are all scratching their heads and asking WHY? Why would they pay a billion dollars for a company that has no way of making money?

But if you’re less interested in that, and MORE interested in getting more donations and more sympathy for your cause, then I have the very thing for you.

Gotta prove what your nonprofit does, right?

If you don’t have pictures, get that camera out.

What kind of pictures are best?

Here’s the kind of pictures you don’t want:

Buildings, Group scenes, Long shots, Sexy teenagers, Open sores, Deformed limbs, Men with moustaches, People who are overweight, A person in an airport waving goodbye, A board of directors assembled for a meeting, Administrators administrating.

Here’s the kind of pictures you DO want:

Show people carrying out your mission.

  • Whether it’s teaching kids art after school, (a picture of a teacher with kids, or kids showing their work)
  • Or helping women with breast cancer, (a counseling session with a woman with breast cancer, or a support group meeting)
  • Or advocating for Native American kids, (a picture of a native kid juxtaposed with a member of your staff advocating for them at Capitol Hill)

Whatever it is, get pictures of it.

And now that you’ve got the pictures, how are you going to edit them?

  • GIMP! It should be part of your toolbox, because it’s like a free version of Photoshop. It’s so wonderful. I use it for everything.
  • Pixlr-o-matic: This is something you can make on your computer. Applying an instagram-like filter to your nonprofit pictures, saving them to your desktop! It is SO FUN.
  • Piktochart: Designing your annual report? Create free infographics for your nonprofit data.

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