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Want more donations? The SHAPE of your flyer matters!

Should you use

THIS Flyer



THIS Flyer


when communicating with your supporters?

Which will get you more donations?

According to a recent article sent to me by the fabulous @danibardgette

Communicating with All Your Heart: Flyer with a Cardioid Shape and Receptivity to a Request for Humanitarian Aid

Studies have shown that physical cues, presented in the immediate environment of an individual, influence his/her behavior later. Recent studies have found that exposing individuals to the concept of love influenced their subsequent helping behavior. This effect was studied in a field context using a physical cue associated with love. Customers entering a store received a flyer that informed them that a food collection was being organized for needy people. Depending on the condition, the flyer had a classical rectangular or cardioid shape. Results found an increase of nearly 50% in donors when using the cardioid flyer.

Source article here.

Bottom Line?

Make it heart-shaped, and you’ll get more donations.

Another bottom line?

Fundraise around valentine’s day with your local grocery store, get some heart-shaped pinups, and possibly you’ll get a better return than on another holiday!

Test this and let me know what you find!

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