OMG so I had these 10 songs in 2016 that people LOVED and I thought, well, let’s make another post like this with NEW SONGS!

mazarine treyz

Yeah you can trust me! To help you GET DOWN!

SO, here are 10 MORE songs that are on every fundraiser’s playlist! To start your year off right!

Again, no promises that there are no swears in these songs. There might be. Exercise headphones on this playlist just in case.

  1. Lizzo – Scuse Me [Official Music Video]

Have you heard of Lizzo? If not, well, you can thank me later! BECAUSE SHE IS SO GOOD! When you get to your fundraising goal- or EXCEED IT- let’s just take a page from Lizzo and say “Scuse me while I feel myself!” You don’t need a crown, to know that you’re a queen! And if you like THIS song, then you should also check out Truth Hurts.

2. Coldplay – Birds (Official Video)

I really got into Coldplay in this last year. But in my defense, they make REALLY catchy songs. Did you make your fundraising plan for 2018 yet? If not, Coldplay is here to remind you-A simple plan but I know one day- Good things are coming our way! Also (FLY ON and Midnight)

3. Dua Lipa – New Rules (Official Music Video)

I got new rules I count em! So, for the nonprofit that has not appreciated you- if you’ve got a bad feeling from the interview- Don’t pick up the phone- Don’t let him in! And 3 -Don’t be his friend! If you’re under it, you aren’t getting over it!

4. GZA feat. RZA – Liquid Swords

Honestly I only found out about Liquid Swords because of this tweet- but I like this song a lot- Ain’t nothing like a fistful of cash!


5. Mac Miller wi/Ceelo Green – We

When you’re getting closer to a donor, and you sing, We sound better than you and me! And they’re like What? And you’re like Um. Nevermind. Anyway, coffee next week?


6. Suvi- Find You Looking for donors? Suvi says, “I will find you!”


7. Diane Birch- Everybody Wants to Rule the World

When you’re sitting at your computer late at night working and it’s like- Oh…Turn your back on mother nature!


8. The War on Drugs- Nothing to Find

When your donors are there- and then they leave… and you’re like… why. Why? All my waiting was in vain! I walked the world in pain-in the cold November rain!

9. Jhené Aiko – Ascension (Audio) ft. Brandy

On my way to heaven-should be us rolling into the weekend-crossing the last item off our to-do list-and kicking back!


10. J Warner – Strawberry Swing

This is a nostalgic song- about moving on-when your job has gotten too constricting and small for you, and you are longing for another job- this is the song.

11. Mahalia – Sober 

This is the song-when-you think you’re doing a good job and then.. you get fired and you’re like DAMN. 🙁


12. ANOUSHKA SHANKAR Breathing under water

This is a good song if you’re in your groove and english words distract you.

13. Me Rehuso-Danny Ocean

This song is just so catchy! And fun! If you’re happy about working in fundraising- if you need a pickmeup on a Monday- THIS SONG, ok? THIS SONG. And if you like this, get some Mi Gente as well.


14. Weatherman- Ibeyi

THEY ARE SO GOOD. Listen to this when you’re… about ready to pack up after a long day. A slow jam.


15. Cardi B and Ozuna -La Modelo

This video is just basically eye candy but it’s fun and can get you going on your day!

Do you have favorite songs in fundraising? What are your faves right now?

Write a comment! 🙂