In this blog post, I’m breaking all the rules.

I’m giving you not one but TWO free webinar recordings, a fascinating interview- and two more chances to come to free fundraising webinars in the next few weeks.

If you like free stuff, please read on.

I noticed a trend recently that boggled my mind.  In the webinar we did last week about Mission mirroring. At the Money for our Movements conference and in interviews I’ve been doing-

People, no matter what, all say the same thing.

What’s love? It’s about us, it’s about trust, babe. -Ashanti

Sarai Johnson

It’s everywhere- In a webinar…
During our Mission Mirroring webinar this week, Sarai Johnson of the Lean Nonprofit talked about how the foundations of white supremacy in our organizations leads us to not trust each other. (This is a mp4 recording of the webinar, I think you will dig it)

In your management practices…

In my chat with Ellen Bristol, she talked about how not having expectations and clear metrics for fundraising leads us to mistreat and mistrust each other. She knows how to manage your major gift asks, check out Fundraising the SMART Way and Her website, BristolStrategyGroup.com

In my slide deck…

I presented on trust at the Money for Our Missions Conference, and we had really good discussion on what builds trust for us inside and outside our organizations. See the presentation here. (it’s an MP4 download)

In two interviews…

I chatted with Pamela Uppal of the Ontario Nonprofit Network (we called the interview How to Stop Bleeding Money).

She talked about how lack of Decent Work environments leads to lack of trust at our organizations. (listen or read the full interview here)



In addition, I talked with Neesha Powell decolonizing our nonprofits. It is all about building trust… through talking about what we are built on.

Neesha Powell


What I discovered is that trust is at the root of a lot of our nonprofit problems.
I learned that we build internally leads to trust externally.

And better trust leads to better fundraising results.

So, if you want to stop bleeding money, if you want better fundraising results, if you want to build trust deliberately-if you want more major gifts-building trust deliberately should be on the top of your list.