Last week I talked about my mistakes. This week, I bring you my 2018 annual report.

This is a chance for me to tell you what I’ve done this year that I’m proud of. And things I’m so grateful for!

Favorite twitter jokes of 2018? I got you

0. I am so grateful for getting to work with nonprofit leaders and help them make real change inside their organizations

People like Aric Shapiro of the Reno Generator,the fundraising team of VerdeNW, Czarina Boyce of HOPE Chinese Charter School and Little Engineers, Rob Danson and Jay Goldinger of Food on Foot, Elizabeth Cox, former ED of Habitat, Tracy, Executive Director of a jazz museum, and more! If you’d like to work with me, just drop me a line at info@wildwomanfundraising.com, and let me know what you want to do in 2019!

1. I am so proud of making the most inclusive online conferences I have ever made, and talking about decolonizing our nonprofits and structural racism inside the nonprofit sector.

Fundraising Career Conference in April with Kishshana Palmer, Christie Lindor, Della Rae, Desiree Adaway, Elaine Lou, Maria Ramos-Chertok, Sarai Johnson, Lori Eberly, Daryl Upsall, and others and all of our wonderful attendees, who added so much to the presentations and the experience! THANK YOU!

I love offering the most cutting edge, inclusive and useful career advice to you, and I’m so glad I get to highlight the work of leaders in the sector to help you get where you want to go!


Nonprofit Leadership Summit in September

with Kishshana Palmer, Della Rae, Neesha Powell, Pamela Uppal, Cathy Taylor, Kristen Kennedy, Pamela Grow, Ellen Bristol, Margie Fine, Sarai Johnson, Dan Hyman, Justin Handley, and Jon Wright and all of our wonderful Attendees who asked such good questions! THANK YOU!

2. I am so grateful for all of these speaking opportunities!

I counted it up, and not including the 12 sessions at my own two online conferences, I taught webinars and workshops more than 40 times this year for so many people! THANK YOU to my wonderful partners! THANK YOU for having me back to speak again and again! THANK YOU for your wonderful attendees and marketing, they asked good questions and made me really think this year!:

Kitsap Center for Nonprofit Excellence


Oregon metro

The oregon Clinic Logo









AFP logo


University of Texas RGV Nonprofit Center

University of Texas RGV Nonprofit Center





Traveling a lot more for speaking this year- Minneapolis, Atlanta, Toronto, Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Reno, NV!

Getting so much love at AFP Congress and finally going to Toronto to see everyone!

2.5 I’m so grateful that I got the chance to speak on the Radio!

Getting on the radio with Della Rae- Bread and Roses, the oldest continuously running feminist radio show in the nation! THANK YOU DELLA RAE! WAHOO!

3. I’m so grateful to Creativity friends!

Making art! LOTS of it! For no other reason than to have fun and make art with friends!

Then, luckily, thanks to my friend Andrew Kaiser, having my first solo art show: Shown below! THANK YOU to everyone who came! You made it just incredible for me. WOW!

mazarine treyz art show

Having people over to make art almost every week! Here I am with a 3 year old named Myla! We are felting.

4. I’m so grateful for the time to do Writing:

Poetry reading at my house and going to more poetry readings and making poetry friends like Geetanjali! THANK YOU to everyone who came out! What a TOTAL blast it was!

Writing lots of poetry and getting back into a poetry class.

Getting to 1 million words in 750words.com, it is known as a Mega Flock!

Becoming a paid guest blogger on Bloomerang – Thank you Steven! Having my rabble rousing articles get lots of attention

5. I’m so grateful for Government contracting!

Getting back into government contracting, and helping other small, woman owned minority owned businesses have a bigger vision for their lives. THANK YOU to Oregon Metro for allowing me to help you increase equity in contracting.

I hope I can get more government contracts in 2019. Fingers crossed! They say give to other people what you want yourself, and I have actually given the gift of learning how to get certified and helping people register their businesses and get certified to many people this year, so… I feel good about that.

6. I’m proud of taking action for local progressive female political candidates

I helped my friend get elected a year ago. This year, we walked for our governor, Kate Brown. Luckily, she won! I’m so happy and grateful that I went doorknocking for her. I had never done it before, and it was good to see how easy it was. I will definitely do this again. And it was a nice antidote to feeling helpless at the national level, to feeling like at least I could do something at the local level to impact our community in a positive way. THANK YOU to Irene for asking me to doorknock with you!

7. I’m so proud of doing self care!

Taking an emotional intelligence workshop in Breitenbush, and learning how to communicate what you need in 5 easy steps! Here’s the 5 step process to ask for what you need! Step 1: the fact of what you saw. Step 2: Your thought around that fact. Step 3: What you feel about it. Step 4: What you want about it. Step 5: The action you would like.

Deciding to cut back on my business activities and focus on what is making me the most money, and what is most satisfying.

Continuing to eat paleo and having a bit of grains, making new recipes with my instantpot! Continuing to work out every week with Super Slow

Deleting instagram off my phone a lot of times! Oh BOY.

Being inspired by a lot of books-

  1. The Practice of Adaptive Leadership by Heifetz
  2. The Psychology of Executive Coaching
  3. Book yourself Solid by Michael Port
  4. Skulls by Simon Winchester
  5. The World of Yesterday by Stefan Zweig
  6. In the Company of Women
  7. City of Thieves by David Benioff
  8. The Goddesses in Everywoman
  9. Presentation Zen
  10. My Voice will go with you – Milton Erickson
  11. Psychomagic by Alexander Jodorowsky

Taking part in a discussion group about Alexander Jodorowsky, which was SO INTERESTING! So many different things going on! THANK YOU to Curtis R. and Natasha K. of Shadowtender for inviting me into the group!

Getting inspired by both movies and writing – like you were never really there- and the shining. WOW.

Getting my family inspired by my writing-having people share it! THANK YOU TO MY FAMILY!

The most wonderful surprise birthday party with my whole family!

Offering actual energy healing webinars with Daniel Hyman of infinite beginnings! THANK YOU DANIEL!

Being in nature more-
















I have to say, this was a good year! POSSIBLY one of the best ones yet! I learned a lot about myself, and others. This year I learned how to relax more. How to do tapping. How to breathe even if the work isn’t all done. How to leave things undone. About boundaries.

I also got better with planning. And with partnering with Sarai Johnson, Kishshana Palmer, Vanessa Chase, UT Rio Grande, NAO, and Bloomerang. I’m so grateful for my good partnerships! THANK YOU TO MY PARTNERS! I hope I can be a better partner next year.

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