Here I am, speaking, at YNPN, Opal Devine's upstairs!

YNPN February 28th, 2011

To quote Jay-Z,

“Thanks for coming out tonight. You could have been anywhere in the world tonight, but you’re here with me. I appreciate that.”

What people said about my presentation about how to move on up in your nonprofit career for YNPN!

“Mazarine introduced me to the Wild Woman’s World of Job Searching! With her wealth of wisdom, I know how to organize and strategize my job search. Thanks Mazarine!” -Sarah Richards 2/28

“Thanks Mazarine! All the information you provided about web based ways to connect with people and opportunities as well as find useful information, will be a big help.” -Sari Albornez

“Mazarine made me realize how important it is to get your name out there. Even if you think you don’t know anything, YOU DO. You are worthy and you need to make that known. No one else will do that for you.”

“I found Mazarine’s presentation not only helpful but fun. It was a great way to understand more about getting a job and moving up in the nonprofit sector. As a fundraiser I think it was especially helpful.” -Karen Gilbert

“Mazarine was amazingly insightful and helpful in showing us how to develop a web presence to help our job searches. Her knowledge and humor make her presentations both thought-provoking and conversational. Thank you Mazarine!”

Want to see the presentation? You totally can. Here it is.

Feb28th YNPN Presentation:Moving Up In Your Nonprofit Career

Ever wondered how to move up in your nonprofit or third sector career? This presentation goes over how to do that, dispelling three lies about the search, and telling three truths about what it takes to make it

Oh, you should be so glad that I didn’t go crazy with brushes because I totally could have. Well, maybe I will anyway.


This is silliness!

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