1. Show up to the meetings.

2. Learn about fundraising. If you don’t know anything, admit your ignorance and learn right now.

3. Convince your friends and colleagues to give to your nonprofit.

4. Question junior staff members about the nonprofit and how you can help.

5. Maintain close ties to people under the Executive Director. People on the ground know what’s really going on.

6. Do NOT avoid your Development Director’s calls. Just respond as soon as you can. They are working hard so you have to work less hard to keep this organization afloat.

7. If it’s getting not fun for you anymore, and you are starting to dread the meetings, at the next meeting, stop and say, “Okay, let’s end the meeting with a story about how we helped this month.” Always try to end on a positive note. You might as well get a warm fuzzy feeling before you walk out the door, since you’re not getting paid!

8. If you don’t have time to commit to the board, and don’t want to fundraise, just say it. Step off. They’ll find someone else. They always do.

Anyone else have any advice on how to be a good board member? Please leave a comment!

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