Are you tired of working really hard and getting the same results?

Maybe it’s time to listen to the experts, and see what you can do differently to grow your fundraising revenue for the second half of 2019.

Last year I spent some time interviewing some of the best nonprofit experts I know on sponsorships, monthly giving, major gifts, board fundraising, planning for the future, getting better fundraising metrics, and more.

I figured the landscape in our nonprofits was changing. We needed to change too. My assumptions were that the sector was in trouble. But people honestly shared with me that a lot of nonprofits are seeing RECORD numbers of donations, and that my doom and glooming was imaginary. That made me happy. But they also gave me some ideas for things that YOU could be focusing on now to make the next year the best yet.

Leading your fundraising program is part of being a good nonprofit leader. Whether it says development in your job title or not, as a leader you are responsible for making sure your organization continues to have enough money to fulfill your mission.

Most nonprofits are reactive, instead of responsive. They’ll focus frantically on the next event, instead of looking at the bigger picture, what can sustain their operations long term, which is monthly giving and major gifts.

THIS MEANS we need to focus on monthly giving! Major gifts! And even cross sector partnerships that can help you succeed.

Enter the nonprofit leadership series! Here are a few of the first few videos that can help you make more money in Q3 and Q4!

Are you a small nonprofit wondering how to get sponsorships?

Bruce Burtch has helped nonprofits large and small get bigger sponsorships. He’s called The Father of Cause Marketing, and wrote the book Win-Win for the Greater Good, so listen to him! He knows because he’s been there.

Bruce Burtch helps you get sponsorships


Why monthly giving could be your key to success in 2019

What to do when your major gifts program is going nowhere

Are you feeling like what you’re measuring isn’t working? What could you be measuring instead to get better fundraising results?
Ellen Bristol has the answer.

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