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Mazarine Treyz is a coach, speaker and best selling author of “The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising”, serving people in over 70 different countries. She works with government, nonprofits, and individuals, supporting people to bring their full selves to work.


Mazarine specializes in helping nonprofit leaders land their dream career and fundraising goals through authentic relationships both online and offline. As a result, clients have received $30K raises, transitioned into new careers and created their own global nonprofits.

Mazarine has co-founded a nonprofit and has over a decade of experience as a nonprofit fundraiser in small shops. Two of her proudest accomplishments were raising $250K in sponsorships, up $100K from the previous year, as well as taking a nonprofit to $120K in grants, up from $7K the previous year. Today, Mazarine leads the nonprofit workplace justice movement to create a better nonprofit work culture through her writing, training, podcast and keynote speeches.

She is featured in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, and NonprofitPro as well as many other outlets. She has spoken around the world including England and Jamaica, as well as AFP International Conference multiple times. She leads monthly community events in the Portland/Vancouver area. She lives in Portland  and loves weightlifting.


Mazarine Treyz Featured In National Council of Nonprofits, Chronicle of Philanthropy, GuideStar, Idealist.org, NonpProfitPro, and others.


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Why work with me?


⦿  I am a nonprofit co-founder and nonprofit leader

⦿ I read over 100 books a year and I’m constantly looking for more ways to expand my knowledge to be more useful to my clients and readers

⦿ I wrote three 5-star rated books on fundraising, marketing and careers that have helped hundreds of people get interviews, jobs, and up their fundraising and marketing skills

⦿ I created 10+ fundraising e-courses and these have helped hundreds of people raise thousands of dollars for their nonprofits

⦿ I support people to quickly get dream jobs they thought they couldn’t get near, in government, nonprofits and corporations

⦿ I’ve written over 1,000 articles which have helped 50,000 monthly readers raise more in every aspect of fundraising

⦿  I trained hundreds of people to negotiate their salaries which led to $10K and $30K raises

⦿ I enjoy the weekly practice of art and had my first solo art show in 2018

⦿  10 years full time in my dream business helping clients make millions

⦿ I get paid to write on nonprofit employment justice and I speak truth to power with my writing, speaking and podcast, NAME IT!

⦿ I published 2 poetry chapbooks and have had poetry published in various places

⦿ I directed 8 online conferences on careers and nonprofit leadership, supporting 1,200+ people to find the jobs they will thrive in, and helping nonprofit leaders keep their good people

⦿  I have a Bachelor’s in Poetry and Gender Studies, which means I can write, think and dissect complex social issues

⦿  I had 11 different jobs, was fired 3 times, and quit 3 times to find a career I currently love

⦿  I left a career I no longer loved, to a career I loved

⦿  I paid off $20,000 in undergraduate debt

⦿  I know how to deal with conflict and toxic environments by being assertive

⦿  I have created boundaries with work, family and all aspects of my life

⦿  I have learned to say no to people and events that no longer serve me

⦿  I’ve worked with coaches since 2018, which has led to making $30,000 more

⦿  I still make mistakes that help me learn more about myself

Mazarine Treyz books



The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising

The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media, given a 5 star rating.

Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide, was also given a 5 star review

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