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Mazarine Treyz has been featured on national syndicated media, including Fundraising Success Magazine, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Philanthropy.com’s Fundraising Fundamentals podcast, Fundraising Success Magazine,Tony Martignetti’s Nonprofit Radio show, and the Career Clinic with Maureen Anderson.

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Interviewed by Audience Hacker August 2014
Interview with the Boomer Business podcast June 2014
Interview with Joe Garecht of The Fundraising Authority May, 2014
Featured interview on Bloomerang blog April 2014
Interview with Today’s Leading Women podcast April 14th, 2014
Interviewed about Year End Fundraising on the Philanthropy for All Blog by Vanessa Chase December 4th, 2013
Interviewed on Entrepreneurship for the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, November 23rd, 2013
Interviewed by Myra Goldick for the Nothing Is Impossible Radio Show, June, 2013
Interviewed by Carmen Carrozza on Rockstar Radio Network January, 2013.
Interviewed December, 2012 by Joe Garecht of The Fundraising Authority
Interviewed for Movie Mondays by 501 Videos on September, 2012
Interviewed for the Chronicle for Philanthropy Podcast, Fundraising Fundamentals, by Tony Martignetti, January 19th, 2012
Interviewed by Don Akchin on Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Zone, November 2nd, 2011
Interviewed on the Parasol Power Chat, September 27th, 2011
Interviewed by Tony Martignetti on the Nonprofit radio show, August 5th, 2011
Interviewed by Carmen Carrozza on AM radio 1490 Forward Motion on June 5th, 2011
Interviewed on the nationally syndicated radio show, The Career Clinic, talking about how to get nonprofit jobs, the nonprofit field, and fundraising, in May, 2011
Interviewed on 880 AM Miami on Michael Chatman’s Philanthropy Radio Show in December, 2010 about The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising
Interviewed by Meghan Schiebe of Travel Volunteer Search on the radio about why people give to your nonprofit in June, 2010.

Features, Articles and Mentions

Featured on Bloomerang blog with webinar video August 2015
Featured on Jamaica Observer newspaper July 2015
Featured on Craig Linton’s Fundraising Detective blog July 2015
Featured on BirdsCaribbean website July 2015
Featured on Council of Nonprofits tools and resources for professionals June 2015
Featured on 20 Fundraising Blogs that Every Nonprofit Leader Should Read, Fundlio June 2015
Featured on Fundraising Bank blog for Boys and Girls Clubs May 2015
How to use the 5 love languages for your volunteers VolunteerMatch blog April, 2015
Featured on Claire Axelrad’s Clairification blog April, 2015
Featured on Claire Axelrad’s Clairification blog March 26, 2015
Featured on Claire Axelrad’s Clairification blog March 18, 2015
Featured on the Association of Fundraising Professionals blog February 2015
Featured guest post on Phil’s Fundraising Careers blog February 2015
Featured on Simone Joyaux’s blog about strategic philanthropy and gender bias February 2015
Featured on the Storytelling Nonprofit blog February 2015
Feature article on Nonprofit Pro/Fundraising Success Magazine on managing volunteers February 2015
10 tips for motivating corporate volunteers on Fundraising Success Magazine February 2015
Featured on Claire Axelrad’s blog Feb 2015
Featured in Claire Axelrad’s Clairity Clickit February 2015
Featured in Bloomerang’s monthly wrap up January 2015


Fundraising Success Magazine article on OMB Guidance November 2014
Featured on Fundraising Success Magazine virtual conference November 2014
Featured on the Fundraising Detective blog November 2014
Featured in Bloomerang’s blog November 2014
Featured on Colludo blog October 2014
Featured on The Storytelling Nonprofit Blog October 2014
Featured in Claire Axelrad’s Clairification blog October 2014
Featured in the Fundraising Detective blog October 2014
Featured article on Fundraising Success Magazine: You’ve got Facebook Likes, Now What? October 2014
Featured on Gail Perry’s blog October 2014
Featured on Fundraising Detective blog September 2014
Featured on Smart Annual Giving September 2014
Featured on the GuideStar Trust blog September 2014
Featured on Gail Perry’s blog September 2014
VIDEO: Featured on the Bloomerang Blog, August 2014
Featured interview on the GuideStar Trust blog August 2014
Guest expert on effective infographics for nonprofits on the Software Advice blog July 2014
How to Brand Yourself as a Nonprofit Consultant -Featured in the GuideStar blog July 2014
4 Steps to Finding Donors For Your New Nonprofit Guest Contributor on Nonprofit.About.com June 2014
Article featured on Blackbaud’s NPengage June 2014
Listed as a resource on the Houston Philanthropic Society June 2014
How to write a better letter from the director Featured in Fundraising Success Magazine May 2014
“Having trouble holding onto your fundraising staff? Here’s why” linked on Nonprofit.About.com April 2014
7 tips to succeed with crowdfunding article in Fundraising Success Magazine April 2014

Mazarine Treyz, cover story, june, 2013, fundraising success magazine

Cover Story, June 2013, Fundraising Success Magazine

Article on Government contracting in OCADSV April 2014 Newsletter
Creating a fundraising plan,what works and what doesn’t. Guest Contributor on Nonprofit.About.com April, 2014
Featured on Stanford Social Innovation Review April, 2014
Featured on NPEngage Blackbaud March 2014
Are you using this powerful social media engagement tool? on Wild Apricot Blog March 2014
Getting started with your donor retention calendar, step by step on NPEngage Blackbaud March 2014
How to speak the 5 love languages of your donor, featured in Fundraising Success Magazine March, 2014
Finding Dignity in Work on Connect2Lead March, 2014
6 Questions to ask to get that corporate sponsorship in GuideStar February 2014
What 5 Fundraising Mistakes Are You Making? Featured in Fundraising Success Magazine February 2014
My presentation featured in Algonquin College Communications blog January 2014
Presented in the Storytelling Nonprofit Virtual Conference January 2014
Featured in npEngage ebook: Showing the Love with 14 nonprofit experts January 2014
Featured in Fundraising Success Magazine January 2014
Featured on Crowdsourcing.org January 2014



My 6 tips for a good fundraising plan featured in Fundraising Success Magazine December 2013
My 11 tips for your appeal letter featured in Fundraising Success Magazine December 2013
Featured in the Fundraising Detective Nov 2013
Appeal Letters Questions Answered! featured on GuideStar blog Nov 2013
Frequently Asked Appeal Letter Questions on the GuideStarTumblr Nov 2013
How to stop being a firefighter at your nonprofit GuideStar Nov 2013
Mentioned on Blackbaud’s NP Engage blog Oct 2013
Mentioned on The Agitator, The Fundraising Talent Puddle Oct 2013
How to Write a Story for Your Appeal Letter Guest article on GuideStar Oct 2013
Mentioned on Nonprofit.About.com Sept 2013
Featured on Association of Fundraising Professionals blog “Get More Money With Your Year End Appeal” Sept 2013
Featured webinar facilitator on VolunteerMatch.org Sept 2013
5 star review at Nonprofit.About.com of Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide September 2013
Featured Story in Fundraising Success Magazine “Get More Money With Your Year End Appeal: Interview with Paul Bobnak of DMIQTV” September 2013
Featured on The Fundraising Detective blog Reading Roundup September 2013
Featured on Claire Axelrad’s Clairification blog September 2013
Guest Article on Council for Nonprofits blog, “Trust and Respect-How can we help our donors keep the faith?” August 2013
Guest Article on Nonprofit.About.com, How nonprofit professionals can jazz up their LinkedIn profiles, July 2013
Featured on Gail Perry’s blog Does Your Nonprofit Really Support Fundraising? July 2013
Featured on Simone Joyaux’s blog, Is Your Nonprofit Work Meaningful Work? July 2013
Featured in Philanthropy for All, July 2013
Cover story in Fundraising Success Magazine: “So … You’re a Fundraiser!” June 2013
Mentioned in Craig Linton’s Fundraising Reading Roundup, May 2013
Linked on The Giving Partner, a blog by 3 foundations in Florida, April 2013
Mentioned on the AFP blog Social Media for Professional Fundraisers, by Paul Nazareth, Feb, 2013
Guest post on The Fundraising Collective blog about analysing your appeal letters, Feb, 2013
Featured on Fundraising Success Magazine The Fundraising World is Changing February 2013
Mentioned on Joyce Lee Ibarra’s New Year’s Resolutions! January, 2013
The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media reviewed and given a 5 star rating on Nonprofits.About.com, January, 2013
Mentioned on the The National Council of Nonprofits knowledge Matters blog, January, 2013
Mentioned on the United Way Center for Nonprofits E-News, January 2013
Mentioned on Fundraising.co.uk Fundraising Roundup January 2013
Mentioned as an MVP on Paul Nazareth’s blog, January, 2013

Listed on Sofii.org’s useful sites, December 2012
My new book! Featured on Beth Kanter’s list of 8 best nonprofit books of 2012! December, 2012
Guest post on Nonprofits.About.com 10 Tips to Make People Give Through Your E-Newsletter December, 2012
Featured recommended blog on Nonprofits.About.com, December, 2012
Mentioned by Joe Garecht of Fundraising Authority as 5 Nonprofit Fundraising Bloggers You Should Be Reading, December, 2012
Featured on Fundraising Success Magazine “Want to have too many major donors? Read this” November 2012
Quoted by Allison Jones for Idealist.org blog, Do You Ask For What You Need At Work? October 2012
Quoted in Gail Perry’s blog, How to Drive Your Online Donors Away Quickly October, 2012
Quoted for Chronicle of Philanthropy article on “How to Overcome a Fear of Negotiating and Get a Bigger Paycheck” October, 2012
Mentioned on Grantastic blog by Esther James, September 2012
Mentioned on Nonprofit.About.com article about e-newsletters by Joanne Fritz: “Win my click,” September, 2012
Featured guest post on Sponsorships on Nonprofit.About.com, September, 2012
Featured post on Fundraising Collective UK blog, September, 2012
Mentioned in Yahoo.com article “Social Innovation Funding, The Next New Grantmaking Fad?” by Corinne Marasco
Featured by Esther James on Suggestions for Grant Proposal Writers, August, 2012
Featured by Joanne Fritz on Nonprofit.About.com August, 2012
Featured post in Fundraising Success Magazine, August, 2012
Guest post on what to do about overwhelming expectations at your fundraising job, May, 2012
Mentioned on Phil Cubeta’s Gift Hub blog, High Impact Philanthropy Is Insulting April 2012
How to Motivate Your Board Members To Fundraise Article on the Sumac blog, March, 2012
Featured Guest Speaker on Desiree Adaway’s “How to Start a Nonprofit,” course February 2012
Quoted in Pamela Grow’s article about Consistency in e-newsletters, January, 2012


Interview with Jules Brown mentioned on the Fundraising Detective blog, December 2011
Anatomy of a successful appeal letter mentioned on The Fundraising Detective
Featured on Sparked.com microvolunteering blog December 14th, 2011
Guest Post on Pamela Grow’s Grantwriting Blog: How to Recruit Virtual Volunteers with Sparked! Dec, 2011
Mentioned on the Western Wellness Foundation Americorps Fellow Blog, Dec, 2011
Thank You Note post Mentioned on LV Point of View Blog November 2011
Featured in Top 50 Nonprofit Management Blogs November 2011
Featured post on Fundraising Success Magazine November 23rd, 2011
Mentioned on the Dear Joan Blog by Jules Brown
Wild Woman Fundraising Stop Workplace Bullying App featured on the Fight Rankism Blog
Guest post on Joe Waters’ Selfish Giving Blog September 2011
John Haydon mentioned Fundraising Rockstars on Inbound Zombie, September 2011
Desiree Adaway wrote about Fundraising Rockstars, our project together, September 2011.
Sandy Rees wrote about Fundraising Rockstars, our project together, September 2011.
Jessica Journey wrote about Fundraising Rockstars too!
Mentioned as a fundraising resource on http://NJ211.org August, 2011
“Nonprofit interns: A sanity-saving hiring process”-Amy Sept, The Nimbyist Blog, August, 2011
Mentioned on Phil Cubeta’s Gift Hub blog, July, 2011
Mentioned on About.com’s Nonprofit blog by Joanne Fritz July 2011
Article on Super Jobs featured on The Wild Apricot Association Management Blog in July, 2011
Amy Sample Ward featured The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising book on February, 2011.


I never told anyone…an article about humble beginnings in fundraising for the Empowered.org blog
Why Online Fundraising is like Ice Cream on CauseVox
Beth Kanter’s List of Top 10 Books of 2010
Guest post on Pamela Grow’s Blog “A Fundraising Revolution!”
Nonprofit blogger Jessica Journey, responding to my question,”Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”
Anti-bullying presentation was posted by RJ Leaman on the Wild Apricot Blog
iGrad article on how to get a nonprofit job for new graduates.
Article on Managing Volunteers at the Vivanista blog
Article about “The Power of Free” on the Sharpskirts blog
Article on how to overcome workaholism over on the Fundraising Ideas blog!
Wayne Elsey, CEO of Soles4Souls praised Wild Woman Fundraising on his blog
Pamela Grow called Wild Woman Fundraising one of the top blogs that she reads
Mazarine Treyz’s articles have been featured on TechSoup’s NetSquared blog numerous times