The NAME IT podcast

Wow,  one year of the Name It Podcast! Thousands of downloads! Tons of good comments! So much learning! So many good interviews! Thank you for helping us reach over 2,000 downloads! WOW! We could not have done it without you!

Just a few truthtelling highlights from 2019-


Now, with joy in our hearts, we are saying goodbye to cohost Helen Choi and to the first seasons of the Name It! Podcast! 

We are also seeing and hearing LOTS of good podcasts that talk about inequity and IDEA, and we want to promote those podcasts and experts voices too. Please listen to:

3. We are super excited about other new projects in the works!

Career Astrology

Mazarine is working on careerastrology.net, to help people with self mastery through self knowledge, with human design, and the gene keys!

We appreciate you listening, and if you’d like to share what you learned or appreciated from this podcast, please leave a comment!