Can you believe this? WildWomanFundraising.com has over 1,000 posts on it! From over 10 years of writing! That’s a lot!

So I made 3 new pages for you, where you can find all of my most useful posts, ALL in one place!

The first page is all about Fundraising Careers.

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66+ Resources to Rise In Your Fundraising Career

Want your career to grow like a cute little mushroom? Well, let’s figure out what needs to be in place! What can we do to nurture your growth? We go beyond just resumes and cover letters on this page. We’ve got TONS of good interviews, articles separated out by sections like:

  • Getting the fundraising job: Fundraising Resumes
  • Getting the Job: Acing the Fundraising Interview
  • Getting the Job: Career Pathing
  • Getting around the requirements you don’t have
  • Working with a recruiter
  • What to do when your fundraising career is going nowhere
  • Knowing yourself can take you higher in fundraising
  • Getting the Job: Salary Negotiation
  • Managing Yourself
  • Better Work Boundaries-You CAN DO IT!
  • Women and Work- Internalized and External Sexism-It’s a thing
  • Managing Up
  • Moving on
  • Career Boosting Interviews AND MORE!


Suffice to say, this comprehensive page includes videos, fundraising manager interview questions, pdfs, resumes, cover letters, and MORE.

Check it out!

OK, now that you’re in the mood to LEVEL UP your nonprofit career, let’s talk about how to be a better manager, or nonprofit leader!

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100+ Nonprofit Leadership + Management Resources!

Since 2016 I’ve been reading and interviewing people about nonprofit leadership and management. I put on three conferences on this topic in the last 3 years. It’s incredible how much there is to learn. And how little time we have to learn it! That’s why I’ve made this page, to take you through some of the most important aspects of nonprofit leadership-FAST.

Topics include:

  • Becoming a Nonprofit Leader
  • Becoming a Better Nonprofit Manager
  • Managing a Fundraising Team
  • Feminist Nonprofit Leadership:
  • Sexism at Work
  • Women and Workaholism:
  • Women and Nonprofit Work- With Bonus Emotional Labor
  • Building a more resilient nonprofit as a leader
  • Planning For Nonprofit Success:
  • Board Member Recruitment:
  • Board Meetings That Don’t Suck – It is possible!
  • Board Relationships -How to Improve them!
  • Hiring Staff
  • Motivating Staff
  • Firing People
  • Modeling Good Work Boundaries = Being a Better Leader
  • POSITIVE MANAGEMENT-Nonprofit Leadership Interviews + MORE!

This page includes videos on various aspects of how to be a better leader, the difference between management and leadership, how to fix a toxic work environment, and so much more!

Here it is for you.

appeal letter critique

44+ Appeal Letter Writing Resources!

And finally, I give you my appeal letter resources page. Let me start off by saying I LOVE WRITING APPEAL LETTERS. And editing them! Let me at your appeal letter right now! OK! I’ve written so much about appeal letters in the last 9 years. I’m kind of obsessed. But in a good way, I promise! You see, I want to help YOU write better appeal letters. I even share my first terrible appeal letter with you.

We cover everything from:

  • Writing Your Appeal
  • What should you experiment with?
  • Editing Your Appeal Letter
  • When your appeal letter fails- what to do next!
  • Brutal Appeal Letter Critiques
  • Stories to Tell in Your Appeal Letter
  • Authors can help you tell better stories in your appeal letter
  • Case Studies of Appeal Letters that ROCKED IT
  • Sample Appeal Letters AND MORE!


This page has SO MUCH on it, everything from sample appeal letters for your swipe file, to a sample of my appeal letter course, to brutal appeal letter critiques, and more!

Go here to check it out!

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