Annual Report MasterClass 
Thursday May 24th, Tuesday May 29th and Thursday May 31st, 2018
12pm PT - 1pm PT (3pm ET - 4pm ET)
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Are you getting ready to write your annual report?

Have you just been thrown into it without anyone to guide you?

Would you like to use your annual report for fundraising? 

We can help you! 

Making a Better Annual Report Will

Make you look professional in the community,
Make your donors trust you more,

Make donors want to give more, and

Make your sponsors and foundations proud to be a part of your mission!

"I took your annual report masterclass last year, and this year we got a big donation as a direct result of our 2016 annual report!

We got a nice donation from a workplace giving donor who has been giving to us for the last two years, via United Way.  He received our annual report and he called to let us know that after reading the report, he felt compelled to donate more. He also told us they planned on attending our upcoming walk in June.

One for the win column!  Thanks for all your tutelage." 

Leslie Clay | Chief Development Officer | Hope Cottage | Dallas, Texas


MasterClass One
Annual Report Basics
Thursday, May 24, 2018
12:01PM - 1:00PM (PST) / 3:00PM - 4PM (ET)
In the first masterclass you will learn:
 --Typography and what it says about your nonprofit
 --Graphic design tips to help you look like you hired a designer (even if you didn’t!)
 --Designing annual reports from a fundraising perspective
 --What to include and what to leave out in your annual report 
 --Graphic design resources and inspiration

"She was great. I found this presentation extremely valuable and I would recommend it to others. Very informative. Can’t wait to pass information along to my boss.”

–Phillip Bloch, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

MasterClass Two
Supercharge Your Fundraising With Your Annual Report
Tuesday, May 29, 2018
12:01PM - 1:00PM (PST) / 3:00PM - 4PM (ET)
In the second masterclass you’ll learn:

-- How can you make your annual report work for your fundraising?
-- Getting more major donors through making financial transparency fun
--Helping donors see themselves in your story with your annual report
-- Where should you put your online report?
-- Design essentials for your online annual report
-- Resources for creating snazzy pictures and infographics for your nonprofit
--How to get more event sponsorships through your annual report
-- How to get your annual report printed for cheap or free    


MasterClass Three
New Advanced Annual Report Design Trends for 2018
Thursday, May 31st, 2018
12:01PM - 1:00PM (PST) / 3:00PM - 4PM (ET)
In the third and final presentation you will learn:

-- 2018 Typography Trends
-- 2018 Fascinating Pattern Trends
-- 2018 Unusual Photograph Trends
-- Fundraising Campaign Timeline for Annual Reports (How to plan your fundraising around your annual report)
-- Advanced: What to include and what to leave out in your appeal after sending an annual report
-- Online Nonprofit Annual Report Trends for 2018
-- PLUS MORE Annual Report Design inspiration 


 3 Master Classes to help you

· Get fresh design ideas for 2018 
· Look like you hired a designer 
· New examples to make your financials engaging
· Fun ways to make your online annual report 

· In-depth case study at how one nonprofit made over goal, got new donors and higher donation amounts with their appeal and annual report combination in 2016 and MORE!
Students Say: 

“That was a wonderful presentation, extremely valuable.

As a first time annual report maker I learned so many tips to keep in mind while making this first one and ideas for the future.

Mazarine explained the material clearly and very well organized. The information about the donor portion of the annual report is something I will definitely take away.

My organization has not included anything but lists of donors but the presentation made me realize the importance of adding the donor experience.” 
Laura Staley, DePaul Treatment Centers, Portland, Oregon, USA

PLUS Annual Report Critique

This masterclass series includes a wonderful chance to get your annual report reviewed and critiqued by Mazarine Treyz, to help you look like you hired a designer- and help you get higher numbers of donors and higher donation amounts! (Worth $500!)

About the Teacher
Mazarine Treyz has helped hundreds of students make better annual reports since 2012, resulting in more donations. 

Ms. Treyz has co-founded a nonprofit and worked in fundraising roles for 10 years. She’s raised millions for small, national and international charities via grants, events, sponsorships, crowdfunding, appeals and more.

She writes, serving 50,000 monthly readers. 
NEW Bonus Materials
Free Photo Resources Checklist
Picking a strong cover image for your annual report
 List of places to find nonprofit annual report examples
 Three presentation Recordings
 ALL Presentation Slides
 Presenter notes 
Intimate Class Size

 Just 20 seats at this masterclass, it will sell out fast!

We only offer this masterclass once a year. This is your only chance this year to help your nonprofit look better to donors, funders and stakeholders with your annual report, and make more with your appeal!
Your Investment

For annual report critique alone, you would pay $500,
plus for each webinar, you could end up paying $100 each. That's $800! 

But the investment for this annual report masterclass is just $197 until May 17th. Then it rises to $297.  

 Register below to save money and save your seat for this masterclass! 

If you miss this masterclass, you'll have to wait until May 2019 to participate in the next one.  

Students say:

“Mazarine Treyz was clear, concise, enthusiastic and approachable.

I learned a lot about how important planning is, not just doing your reports like they've always been done. Establishing standards.

Rethinking what you want to get across. And displaying things visually that are more engaging and diverting!

I found her presentation extremely useful and would highly recommend this presentation to others." 

-Jessica Perkins, Canada

“Mazarine did an excellent job of communicating the right way, and the wrong way, of doing things.

I loved that she used concrete examples for readability.

I learned the importance of compiling information throughout the year so as not to get caught at the deadline.

And I loved her tips for using report as a fundraising tool, as well as her tangible suggestions for resources. Well done.” 
- Barth Gillan, Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America, Montreal, Canada
“Mazarine was very helpful and this presentation was extremely valuable. I enjoyed that she used some of her own projects to explain the good and the bad. I learned some of the key items to include in the annual report, as well as those items that we tend to think should be included, but really just take up valuable space. ” 
- Leni Corbett, Jesuit Academy, Omaha, NE, USA
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Annual Report Masterclass Price just $197 for three classes AND an annual report critique worth $500! (Only until May 17th-then price rises to $297)
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does the annual report masterclass cost?

For annual report critique alone, you would pay $500, plus for each webinar, you usually end up paying $100 each. That's $800!   But you'll only pay $197 until May 17th. Then the price rises to $297. That's a discount of over $500!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

100% YES. If you are dissatisfied with this annual report masterclass series for any reason, for 30 days after the masterclass I will be happy to give you a refund. 

Are you offering this masterclass again in 2018?

No, if you miss this masterclass, you'll have to wait until May 2019 to participate in the next one.  

What payment processing options are there?

You can pay through Paypal or Stripe with any major credit card for this masterclass.

How is this material different than last year's masterclass?

This year we're doing a deeper dive into 2018 Design trends. We have also updated all of our annual report examples. There are some unique and beautiful annual report designs that are taking advantage of these new trends, which can help you raise thousands more from donors. 

Do I need specialized software to take part in this class?

No, you do not need specialized software. We will be talking about different online tools that you can use to make your annual report. We will also be using the Zoom platform for the live classes.

What if I can't make one of the masterclasses?

Don't worry! Each class will be recorded for you. Each student will get a link to every masterclass as soon as the masterclass series ends on June 1st, as well as all of the bonus materials promised above.

Will you look at my annual report for me?

Yes! Each registrant will get a personalized annual report critique from me, worth $500.  

Will you look at my annual report from last year AND this year? 

You're welcome to send both to me. I love to see before and after annual reports from this class!

What if I don't have time for these classes but I still want to learn about annual reports? 

I have an Advanced Annual Report e-course that is available when you are. The link is here.

I have another question that's not addressed here. Who do I talk with?

Just email us at or call 503-673-3863 and we will get right back to you.