Are you working on your annual report right now?

I’ve written a few annual reports over the years- And I’ve edited a LOT more!

I’ve taught the Annual Report Masterclass since 2015, and I’ve taught the Annual Report e-course since 2014. In that time I’ve been pleased to see my students getting tons more money in the mail as a result of stepping up their annual report story writing, design, and calls to action.

Here are 6 my best articles on annual reports, if you’re looking for ways to make yours work better for fundraising.

  1. Profile of a fundraising annual report from YWCA– Their annual report helped them make over $400,000 with their appeal letter! How do I know? Because I interviewed their fundraising staff to find out what their goals were, how their annual report looked versus their appeal letter, what the messaging was, and then how much they made. They really blew their goal out of the water! Would you like to imitate their success? You can!  Here’s what they did

2. When I got this annual report in the mail, I got SO HAPPY! One of my students in the Annual Report masterclass really took what I taught her and went to town! What is so good about this annual report? Well, aside from the design, the conciseness, the way they thank people, and the pictures…oh man just read this- it’s one of the best annual reports I’ve ever seen! Bridgercare’s Nonprofit Annual Report– I SWOON

3. Here’s where I let you see what I did before I knew what I was doing. That’s right! You get to see my very first annual report cover. Did anyone teach me how to make an annual report? Um no. So… what I did is extremely embarassing, and I hope you have never done this-!  But my second annual report was much better. And here’s why. You can see the first and second covers I made, in this Before and After sequence-Here’s how to improve your annual report cover

4. Lately there’s been this craze on Youtube with people in China saying “Oh Well! Karma’s a bitch!” And turning into gorgeous versions of themselves. What does this have to do with your annual report? Well, perhaps you’ll be saying this as you look at LAST year’s annual report- versus this year’s! Want to make that transformation happen?  Here’s an annual report Makeover!

5. When I go back and look at what I did for my first two annual reports, I literally cringe when I come to this section. It is so terrible. The tone is wrong, the words are boring, the whole thing reads like a stilted piece of garbage that your 6th grade English teacher would make you rewrite. Don’t make my mistakes with your letter from your director!  What makes a good Annual Report Letter from a director?

6. This is a tongue in cheek article I wrote when I was feeling silly. But let’s face it. You have like SO many ways to make an annual report, and sometimes just knowing what NOT to do is half the battle. So here are 13 Tips to NOT Get Your Annual Report Read.

BONUS: I can’t resist throwing in my Pinterest Annual Report cover ideas pinboard here.

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