Are you wondering what an annual report that can get you donations looks like?

Check out the annual reports below!

Leslie writes, 

“I took your annual report masterclass last year, and this year we got a big donation as a direct result of our 2016 annual report!

We got a nice donation from a workplace giving donor who has been giving to us for the last two years, via United Way.  He received our annual report and he called to let us know that after reading the report, he felt compelled to donate more. He also told us they planned on attending our upcoming walk in June.

One for the win column!  Thanks for all your tutelage.” 

Leslie Clay | Chief Development Officer | Hope Cottage | Dallas, Texas

Click this link to see their old annual report:

[PDF] 2009 Annual ReportHOPECottage

Then click this link to see their NEW annual report that got them a bigger donation!

[PDF] HOPE-Cottage-2017

Do you see the differences?

She definitely made better graphic design choices, and the storytelling was stronger.

Hope this helps you with your annual report!