This post is inspired by Ann Friedman’s Best Things of 2012

mazarine treyz

Mazarine finishes The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media! At last!

Best Social Media book to come out in 2012: The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media! Huzzah!

mazarine treyzBest speaking engagement ladder: Webinars, National Meals on Wheels, Scleroderma Foundation Leadership Conference, Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs, Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce, University of Portland’s Executive MBA in Nonprofit Management Program, SBA/IRS webinar

mazarine treyzBest Change of Scene! The Beach!

Best friends! Pamela Grow, Danielle, Irene, Modena, D’Norgia, Ealasaid, Sabrina, Kristin, Sarah & Desiree

New friends!  Joe Waters, Andrea Kihlstedt, Betsy Baker, Lori Jacobwith, Gail Perry, Joe Garecht, Marc Pitman, Chris Davenport, Molly Pinney, Kenita Pierce-Lewis, Susan & Lucia of Imagine Productions, John Lepp, Christina Attard, Paul Nazareth and others!

Best E-Newsletter, according to my open rates. Subject line? OMG

Best Guest-Blogging: E-Newsletters that make people click donate

Best Mainstream Media Coverage: Getting called for an expert opinion for a Chronicle of Philanthropy article in October 2012 & Getting interviewed on the Fundraising Fundamentals podcast for the Chronicle of Philanthropy in January 2012

Best new service I started offering because people made me: Starting a coaching program

Best way to make myself crazy: Redesigning MazarineTreyz.com, Starting a few more websites, like this joke one, this destiny cards one, this one for volunteer fundraising, this one for getting sponsorships, this one for encaustic art-making videos and this art blog one.

I learned how to felt!

I learned how to felt!

Best crafting experiences: Felting, definitely!

Best Surprising thing to learn:  Learning to track goals is called The Quantified Self!

Best blog activity: Interviewing Fascinating People
Best Cookbook: Japanese Home Cooking by Yoshihiro Murata






What am I looking forward to, in this coming year?

Making more of a permanent community on this site, so you can find what you need even faster, and I can be even more helpful to you.

mazarine treyz
Meditating more
Writing more poetry
Biking more

Going back to the Encaustic Conference in Cape Cod in June!
Speaking at more conferences!

Making more art!


What are YOUR best things of 2012?

PS. Here are more of my best things of 2012! 🙂

Best compliments :

I think you’re the most amazingest wildest woman fundraiser out there. I’ve told so many people about how smart and wonderful you are, including some fancy-pants manhattan consultant who offered a free event audit. Thanks so much for everything. -Molly Ola Pinney, Founder/ CEO, Global Autism Project

“When I stumbled upon Mazarine’s blog at midnight, I was in search of answers; answers that would take my nonprofit to the next level. Being a new executive manager in a new career field, I often wondered if my current approach was the best approach or even an effective approach. I found the Wildwoman Fundraising blog and immediately signed up for the newsletter. I have been a huge supporter ever since. Mazarine confirmed my initial efforts and instincts, and she was a great encouragement to my capabilities. Through her webinars, very informative blog post, and newsletters, my e-mail marketing open rates have increased to 17% from 9%, my fundraising revenue has increased 50% in 7 months, and we have implemented key development plans that would have never been executed had it not been for her consulting.” -Kenita Pierce-Lewis, Founder, H.O.P.E. Inc, Georgia.

“I want to thank you for sharing your “wild” witty, warm and wonderful insights into all things NFP! I have a company which works on the corporate side of the table-Cause Marketing-and you have so effectively channeled the elephant in the room! I’ve found myself working harder for the NFP in some cases than the paid professionals!

Your blogs are a voice of common sense, humanity and most importantly, LOL humor in a world of “unreal reality”

Had a meeting with two corporate clients this week, one said “I’m in business to satisfy my greed” Another “I don’t want you to promote my company, just me, me me!” Oh My! Thanks for keeping me sane!” -Reader in North Carolina