What do you think?

What do you think?

I have read a LOT of career guidebooks. Heck. I’ve even written one myself!

The trouble with books like “How to be, do, or have anything you want” or “What color is your parachute” is that they make certain assumptions about you.

Namely, that you know what you’re going for.

But what if you need help figuring out your direction?

What if you need advice on how to connect to the right people?

Why is this book relevant to you?

Pam Slim used to be one of us! I didn’t know that Pam Slim used to be an executive director of a nonprofit, the Omulu Capoeira Group! She was a fundraiser, like us! Then she was a program assistant for the Marin Community Foundation before jumping into corporate America. So she knows about how hard it can be to find what you truly love to do.

Where did this book come from?

From blog posts, originally, but it is so much more than that. When Pam Slim first came out with her blog post about your root, it COMPELLED me to write this post in response.

I wrote:

When you are cut off from your root, it looks like this:

“If you are trying to get your motivation just from the need to survive financially, you will feel emotionally anemic.”

I can’t tell you how much I relate to this.  Maybe YOU relate to this too?

Have you ever done a job just for the money?

How did it feel inside?

Was it the job, or was it you?

I found her post both meaningful and powerful. When responding to her post, I took it to the place of “how do you find your place in the world?” and “how do you keep making meaning when life seems bleak?”

This book takes that concept of finding your root, expands it, deepens it, and helps you make it real.

The day I got it in the mail, I sat down and read it all in one sitting.

Why does a boaccomplishments-of-2013dy of work matter?

Did you know that Google is hiring people based on their bodies of work, rather than their GPA, SAT or where they went to college, and it works a lot better at predicting performance than any of those things?

It really spoke to me because I do believe in creating a legacy, in leaving a body of work behind, and I had just made a whole post about my body of work for 2013. You can see it here.

You see, in this book, for anyone who has ever struggled to figure out what they are here FOR, you’ll get an actual template of how to start figuring this out.

Some highlights of this book:

How do you reframe when bad things happen to you? She talks about viewing adversity as a means to get things done.

Here is one of the checklists from Body of Work that I really liked.

This experience is:

  • Preparing me to do great work
  • Preparing me to be a smarter, kinder, or more compassionate person.
  • Teaching me exactly what I need to know so I can create better, more effective work.
  • Reminding me of what my true, natural strengths are and aren’t.
  • Pushing me to make an urgent decision about something critical to my well-being
  • Teaching me what I need to get help with, outsource or stop doing.
  • Teaching me to have more patience.
  • Fulfilling my destiny.


Here’s the body of work success framework that the book shows you how to move through, step by step:

  1. Your root
  2. Your ingredients
  3. Your handling of fear or doubt
  4. Your work mode
  5. Your creation
  6. Your quality of life
  7. Your relationships and collaborations
  8. Your emotional and physical well-being


So, should you read this book? Is it hot or not?

It is definitely hot. You should read it.

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