Brian Massey, The Conversion Scientist

Brian Massey, The Conversion Scientist

First off, who is Brian Massey and why should you care?

Brian Massey was recommended to me by my good friend Vicki Flaugher. When she makes recommendations, I listen, so I started to research Brian. He runs a consulting business called “The Conversion Scientist.” What this means is that he helps people buy your products or services.

The way this relates to you and your nonprofit is that we can easily apply these principles to getting people to donate to your cause.

I scheduled a phone call with him last week, and he gave me lots of good ideas on how to get more people interested in what I’m doing, and help them buy.

You, as a nonprofit marketer, are in the unique position of being able to address a larger social issue, and then boil it down to how your nonprofit helps, and then parse it down even more specifically into how a donor can take action to help you.




You are solving the problem that they have, and if the donor likes what you’re doing, they are primed to give to you.

Here are two things that I learned from Brian Massey.

1. Your front page design needs to make it easy to see what you do.

How easy are you making it to buy? What is a pain point?

Now here’s how I’m going to break it down for you.

Have you ever gone through the donation process on your own website? Have you watched someone else do it?

How easy are you making it to give?

Is your donate button above the fold? (The fold is where the screen cuts off the rest of your website, when someone first comes to your website.)

Is it clear what your nonprofit does, how transparent you are, and how the problem gets solved, all above the fold?

Can people sign up for your newsletter above the fold?

Can people find you on Twitter and other social networks above the fold?

Do you have social proof, above the fold, that lots of people are supporting what you do?

(If you answered yes to ALL of the above, you’re in good shape, really, tell ME what to do sometime!)

It may be impossible to put ALL of this above the fold, but you can prioritize which ones you’d like to emphasize, and make sure they’re SOMEWHERE on your front page.

2. Are you optimizing your donate page?

When it comes to donating, what’s on your donate page?

Is it JUST a form for their credit card information?

Shame shame!

What if they want to do a monthly gift?

What if they are interested in bequests?

What if they want to make a request for your nonprofit to come and speak to their social group?

What if they want to learn more about corporate giving?

What if they want to have their donation deducted from their paycheck?

What if they want to donate AND volunteer?

What if they want to give in-kind donations to your nonprofit?

What if they want to blog about your nonprofit after giving?

What if they want to organize an event for your nonprofit?

What if they want to set up their own donation page on your website and direct their friends and family there?

Do you see now how you could be leaving more than money on the table, but other opportunities to engage with this donor?

You could easily put checkboxes on your site where people could sign up to do MORE for your organization.

Here are some articles Brian Massey’s written. You can apply these to your nonprofit. If you need some support with that, I am available to help your nonprofit.

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