Are you faced with the same problem every year, of how to get new sponsorships?

Are you tired of going down dead end roads, trying to get more corporate support for your cause?

Would you like to learn more about how to create a long-term corporate partnership?

Meet Bruce Burtch.

Bruce Burtch

Bruce Burtch

Bruce Burtch has sat on both sides of the corporate partnership table, as a nonprofit representative, and as a corporate employee, working to make partnerships work.

His new book, Win-Win for the Greater Good, draws on his 30+ years of experience in helping nonprofits, businesses and government agencies form more mutually satisfying partnerships.

Bruce’s book helps nonprofits learn how to get better corporate relationships, not just sponsorships. There’s so much more you can get!

He taught a webinar on moving beyond sponsorship for over 200 people in June that was absolutely sold out! His storytelling, his examples and his presentation blew people away.

Here’s what people said about Bruce Burtch’s first presentation:

“Loved it!” -LeAnn S.

“I greatly appreciate your generosity in sharing this invaluable information and look forward to the next webinar.” – Kim A.

90% of people who responded to our survey found Bruce Burtch’s webinar extremely helpful and would recommend it to others.

Now we’re offering a more intimate setting where you can get your questions answered.


Webinar title: Seven proven steps for highly successful corporate partnerships

What: In-depth 90 minute online workshop: Get your questions answered!

When: July 17th, 2014 1pm ET, 10am PT

Who: Bruce Burtch, author of Win-Win for the Greater Good, and YOU!

Register: Regular price: $77 Sale price of just $57


If you have a lot of questions about how to develop better cross sector partnerships…

If you want to move beyond sponsorships and take your relationships with your corporate donors to the next level…

Then you want to join us for Bruce Burtch’s online workshop on July 17th.

Here’s your chance to learn from partnership expert Bruce Burtch!  His new book, Win-Win for the Greater Good, is getting rave reviews. If you are hungry for more than just an overview, let’s dig into the details of building corporate relationships to get those partnerships you deserve!

In it, we’ll cover:

  • How to find the best partners
  • How to stand apart from your competition
  • Build a winning business value proposition
  • Open the door to where the real money is
  • And much more.

Bonus materials include:

  • The Slides
  • Presenter notes
  • The webinar recording
  • Worksheets to help you organize your prospective partners
  • Checklists to help you find the best corporate partner

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Register: Regular price: $77 Sale price of just $57!