Do you want to build trust?

If you are in a new position, you need to build trust, deliberately, with your coworkers.

If you have new people reporting to you, you need to build trust with them.

If you are leading a nonprofit, or even leading a program in a nonprofit, these concepts are essential for you.

Take a look at the ABCDs!

Which one of these do you need to work on? Ask myself, Am I Able? Am I Believable? Am I Connected? Am I Dependable?

How can you show that you are trustworthy?

Able– Get results, Solve problems, Highly skilled, Try to be the best

Believable– Act with integrity, Nonjudgmental, Show respect for others, Honest, Avoid talking behind people’s backs

Connected– Listen well, Praise others efforts, Show empathy, Ask for input, Share about myself

Dependable– Do what I say I will do, Timely, Organized, Follow up, Accountable for my actions, Am consistent

The one I think I have the hardest time with is Believable. Because sometimes at my old job I would talk behind my boss’ back, and I do regret that.

Now, I know that it takes a lot of effort to be a good CEO. And it’s a job that has so many moving parts and relationships that it’s difficult to get everything balanced.

However, this boss… was pretty much bad by everyone’s standards. He never approved anyone’s budget. Then he cost our nonprofit a lot of credibility and trust in the community. He got caught stealing, Twice! He also tried to blame this on another, innocent employee. And then the nonprofit had an investigation by the department of justice in our state! So, he got fired, eventually. But it has taken years for the nonprofit to build up trust again. What elements of trust was he weak on? Hmmm. Not stealing. Is that a category? No. But dependable is a category. He was not dependable. He was not accountable for his actions. I actually saw this when I was working for him.

He had a standing meeting with me every Monday at 10am and over and over again he would simply not prioritize it. I would come to his door, and he would wave me away. I would come back, and he would wave me away again. Then I would try again later in the day and it wouldn’t work. I would email him and ask when we could meet. And he wouldn’t respond. So, over and over again I felt like he wasn’t interested in helping the fundraising program be successful, or helping me be successful. He didn’t act with integrity, and he didn’t show respect for others. Eventually he was no longer believable by anyone in the organization.

This experience led me to ask, What makes a trustworthy leader? How can I trust an executive director or CEO to do their job?

If your employees have had bad experiences with other bosses, why should they trust you? How can you show them that you are worthy of trust?

If you are an employee trying to build trust, what can you do to make your team and your boss trust you?

We are going to talk more about trust at the Fundraising Career Conference this year. If you want to deliberately build trust as a leader, and move up in your career, then you should come and join us!

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Can I get the recordings? YES!

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