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Here’s how I work with you

    • Donor Communications: Want to increase your annual fund revenue? I can help you write killer appeal letters and email campaigns. Also, I can teach your team to write high performing direct mail appeal letters, newsletters, annual reports, website copy and online fundraising campaigns. View my client list here.
      • Consulting: I consult with nonprofit leaders in fundraising, providing feedback, advice and support. Get started with Fundraising Consulting.
    • Speaking: I speak with keynotes, workshops, and train staff, board and volunteers in fundraising and leadership. My Speaking & Fundraising training includes improving productivity, mastering the trick of fundraising planning, learning to set goals, follow through and succeed in fundraising, creating higher donor communications returns, learn to write better donor communications, generate more revenue per donor, reduce conflict and create a culture of philanthropy, improve donor retention, cut attrition and more. Please note that I am unable to provide free presentations. 
    • Career Services: I help fundraisers rise in their careers with resume and cover letter editing, and more. Learn more here.



  • What results will you get from working with me?

    • From 2011 to 2017 I taught over 15,000 nonprofit professionals to succeed in fundraising. Results? But of course! Here’s just a few results people have gotten from my training and writing:
      • Highest amount in sponsorships ever for the Woodlands Arts Festival in Texas, (over $132,000)
      • $66,000 in an first time online campaign for a Los Angeles social services nonprofit
      • $5,000+ in year-end crowdfunding appeals for a Florida arts nonprofit
      • Tripled the appeal return for a nonprofit, going from $3,000 to $16,000
      • 1,000 new mailing list names for another nonprofit due to my advice,
      • Over $40,000 in new sponsorships for a NYC Catholic school and
      • Over $35,000 for a Californian senior services nonprofit appeal, despite starting later and more competition in the market.
      • Here are more detailed success stories.

      I would love to help your nonprofit to succeed in fundraising too.

      See results people have gotten from my fundraising coaching, my membership program, and my trainings.