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Are you ready to rise in your career?

Your nonprofit leadership journey can be rewarding for a lifetime. But you have to plan and get mentors! It doesn’t happen by accident.

After rising from Development Assistant to Development Director, I learned a few things along the way. Then I ran a couple of career fairs, and a nonprofit job club in Austin Texas, and then I wrote a 5 star rated book called “Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide.” Finally, for the last four years, I’ve run The Fundraising Career Conference and the Nonprofit Leadership Summit. I love helping people find, get and keep their perfect job.

If you would like to paint a new future for yourself, and rise in your career, consider our career coaching services-

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Fundraising Career

We have helped people find jobs since 2007. We have edited hundreds of cover letters and reviewed thousands of resumes.  We teach nonprofit career essentials such as:

  • Nonprofit resume writing
  • Nonprofit cover letters
  • Acing that nonprofit interview
  • Jumpstart your jobsearch with Web 2.0
  • Marketing yourself online to get that job offer
  • Your First 90 days at your nonprofit job
  • Your Transferable Skills
  • Managing Yourself or Your Fundraising Team according to their Strengths
  • Building Trust at Work
  • Discovering your center- Who you REALLY are-and what will make you satisfied at work

The Fundraising Career Conference

fundraising career videos

All Fundraising Career Conference Videos

On top of all of this,for four years I directed the online Fundraising Career Conference. We have had over 1900 attendees at this conference.

Speakers have included: Tom Ahern, Linda Lysakowski, Kishshana Palmer, Phil Gerard, Sheena Greer, Claire Axelrad, and many others.

Each conference covers topics such as:

  • Creating stand-out Fundraising Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Successful Fundraising Interview Skills
  • How to work with a recruiter
  • Boundaries at work
  • Dealing with difficult people at work
  • Managing your team according to their strengths
  • Salary negotiation
  • Creating a culture of philanthropy
  • How to move on up to Major Gifts Officer in healthcare or education
  • Managing up when your boss doesn’t understand fundraising
  • How to become a consultant

You can access the recordings here

We also offer the Nonprofit Leadership Summit

Nonprofit Leadership How To

As a leader, you need support to be successful. Since the start of the Nonprofit Leadership Summit in 2016, we have helped over 400 people work towards their nonprofit management and leadership goals.

If you want leadership advice, watch the Nonprofit Leadership Summit, where you’ll find sessions such as:

  • How to develop a scenario plan (when things don’t go as planned!)
  • Integrating marketing and fundraising for greater effectiveness
  • Strategic frameworks to help you make the most of limited resources
  • How to create better cross-sector partnerships
  • Making your monthly giving work for your donors (and sustain your programs)
  • How to hire your staff right the first time
  • PLUS getting your board to raise major gifts, starting your capital campaign, and more!

To see what the Nonprofit Leadership Summit is about, click here.

What our clients say about our Career Coaching and The Fundraising Career Conference

I wanted to share my evaluation of your session on salary negotiation. It was the most important, useful session I attended the whole conference. I’ve never negotiated salary before because I just didn’t know how. You provided clear techniques and research tools, and gave a lot of great advice. I am applying to new jobs now, and I finally have the knowledge and confidence to make sure I’m treated fairly. Thank you so much.

Just a follow up: I recently accepted a position at a new employer. I applied a lot of what I learned in your session before and during negotiation. It was so helpful in determining the fairness of their offer and making sure I got what I deserved. I’m really happy with the compensation package I received and I’m so excited for the new opportunity! Thank you and keep up the good work! I’ll be pointing a lot of my colleagues to your resources for sure!

-Mike Ryan, CFRE, St. Louis, MO

Mazarine’s presentation about negotiating your nonprofit salary at the AFP Conference in San Francisco was extraordinary. Mazarine brought contagious energy and encouragement to her session. It was a great mix of presenting and practice! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for her sessions in the future!

I’m half way through Get the Job! and I especially appreciate the interview questions to ask them! In the past, granted I’m early in my career, I’ve always assumed that I would take whatever I could get (that’s such a scarcity mindset!). Now, I’m approaching my new job search much more strategically, thanks in part to this book! Thank you!!

-Laura Day

“After attending one of Mazarine’s sessions, you seriously feel invincible! Armed with Mazarine’s insight into development, I honestly started getting worried when three hours after the session had ended and I still had the biggest, stupidest, 1980’s-kid-with-a-new-trapper-keeper-even-though-I-was-born-in-the-’90’s smile that you can possibly image.

Not only was the session engaging, informative, and highly applicable, but she did something that I did not see at any other sessions at the conference – in a room of 200, in less than an hour, she made a community. A community where EVERYONE, young and old, felt comfortable to ask questions, make comments, and engage with others in the room.

Mazarine was like a group spirit guide; she provided the foundation of knowledge, and then urged us to ask ourselves questions. How can use it? Have we done something like this before? What have others done that has worked? And I think more importantly, is your current job even right for you?

I honestly could not be more grateful for her honesty and sincerity that was unparalleled at a conference of more than 3,500. She is a truly unique and inspirational figure who knows that connections formed between colleagues is just as important as the connections we build with donors.”

-Andrea Edelman, San Mateo, CA

I came to your session at AFP in SF and in it you said “Get this book – Ask For It” . Loved the session by the way. And since I do whatever anyone says – not – I bought the book. I landed my new job – after almost a year of looking – (which I have now been at for 8 days) just after that and convinced myself to ask for a salary that was in the right range. I usually low-ball in Denver because they don’t pay well here. And doggonit if I didn’t get $5,000 MORE than I asked for. I had 2 competing offers and I had done all the research and pumped myself FULL of great self-confidence boosting messages and affirmations and it was amazing. I read the book, marked up the pages, wrote in a journal…everything I needed to do to get what I deserved! I am happy and employed and more confident than ever. I found my voice! THANK YOU. — Carol Miller


“I am prepared for my next two interviews with my negotiating skills that I have learned from the Fundraising Career Conference!

I was speaking with a HR person and they asked me my range on a phone interview. I handled it like a champ thanks to your help!

I said, I am willing to consider any reasonable offer that would account for my work experience and education. Was there a range you had in mind? And then they gave a number! I couldn’t believe it, and it was a good number. Thank you so much for all of your good advice at the conference!” – Natalie Ramos, Chicago

“I normally don’t send emails like this, but I wanted to let you know that the resources you have provided at the Fundraising Career Conference work!

I recently on a whim applied for a job at IBM for a business dev position. Wasn’t really serious about it– I love my current job and like the non-profit and higher ed sectors, but thought it would be worth it to at least get some experience tailoring a resume and cover letter for industry.

Less than 24 hours after submitting, I was contacted by a recruiter. On the phone he told me “You don’t technically have the experience, and this is a stretch position, but your cover letter was amazing and it read like a perfect fit for this job, so I am forwarding you up to the hiring manager.”

I had used an adapted version of your cover letter template. Just wanted to let you know that it also gets the attention of people at major multi-national corporations. The call happened this morning, so I don’t know the outcome yet, but I thought I should let you know.”

-Testimonial from Fundraising Career Conference 2016

“I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying the conference and I have been raving about it with two of my most valued coworkers. Hopefully they will join in next year.

This has really infused me with a spark of enthusiasm for this industry I fell in love with 10 years ago but started to burn out in the past 3 years.

While I LOVE the industry, I know it is time to move on to a new project, the question are, what, when, where and how? The conference has definitely helped me with a pathway to figuring out what my next move will be.

I can’t tell you how excited and invigorated this has made me (and yes you can quote that) :-)” — Lori


“As someone who has been trying to navigate the treacherous seas of a career in fundraising, the Virtual Fundraising Career Conference was like a lighthouse of expert insights, advice, and new ways of thinking to help get me to where I really want to be – while steering clear of burnout!” -Kristian Hochreiter, MBA, Nonprofit Management

“Yesterday was wonderful!  Thanks so much for pulling together such a quality conference at an affordable price. “ All the best, Teresa Parker

“Wonderful conference Mazarine! Thank you for making it so accessible. I am in between positions and looking for a way to ignite my resume and brand.”  -Nancy

“Thank you so much for a wonderful virtual conference.  It was so inspiring and such a great resource. I learned so much and will use the information to forward my career.” -Valerie

“Thanks for putting together such a great virtual conference. I was only able to listen to a few of the presentations but each was very well done and insightful.”

“I can’t tell you how empowering and taking the virtual conference was.

So many of the presentations really made me look into my life and the choices I have made in the past 15 years.  Eye-opening, actually.  What you gave us was not the typical kind of presentations you get at the AFP meetings.    It had a great flow—-

Sometimes it was uncomfortable listening–not necessarily a bad thing–to make you realize, “Hello, what were you thinking-taking this job?  And why didn’t you realize this sooner?  Why are you afraid to move?”  ‘Stop feeling like everything is your responsibility,” etc.

And–since you are the one doing everything because your gift entry person doesn’t have the capacity to do more–and never volunteers to step up-NO, you will not succeed in doing all you want, nor what is needed to do the best job.  It”s physically and mentally impossible. You need to walk away for your own sanity.

Yes, it is scary to move–but I’m going to work on it–a bit every day–including rewriting my resume for the 5th time this month.  Ha. I’ll keep you updated.” -S

“I can’t thank you enough for an AMAZING Fundraising Career Conference.  The session with you and Tom Ahern was worth the price of admission and then some – though I enjoyed all of the sessions I attended.

Yesterday I found out that I will be laid off June 30th. It’s not a surprise.  I’ve been planning the transition to consulting for the last five months and already have two clients lined up for small projects in the Summer and Fall.

Please know how I appreciate you generously sharing your knowledge, encouragement, etc.  This was a treat at just the right time.

Looking forward to a new start!” -Rachel

“I enjoyed the virtual fundraising career conference so much. You covered a great deal. All sessions combined, it gave me the confidence to take the next step in my fundraising career. Yahoo!

I greatly appreciate the tips about responding to the request for the
dreaded salary requirements. For the organization I’m applying to, I
looked up its 990 on Guidestar and I scoped out salaries in the area
where it’s located. Then, I skillfully dodged the request and wrote that if considered a candidate, I would look forward to learning the salary range they’re prepared to offer before providing my requirements.

Thanks to the conference, I won’t settle for less than what I feel is fair, and I have the courage to ask for it.

I’m just so excited about having taken the next step and my new appreciation for the value I can bring to an organization with my fundraising experience. Thank you, again!!!” With gratitude, Anonymous

“Thanks for a terrific Virtual Fundraising Career Conference. What impressed me the most was the way the presentations worked for beginners in the field, even those interested in starting in the Development Field, and veterans such as myself. I wanted to let you know now that your conference was both educational and inspiring.” -Stephen N. Guntli, CFRE

“Can I just say that you are my hero? I’m a HUGE fan since I saw my first webinar of yours about Annual Funds. Your emails are insightful and funny; this Career Conference is EXACTLY what your audience wants and needs.” -Kat Bloomfield

“For the 1st time, I found it exceptional, both in content & those who delivered it! Kudos to all!” -Leslie R. Shernofsky

“It was extremely user friendly, organized and well done! I talked it up to everyone that I came across in the fundraising field. The webinars were great in content and organization. I would definitely participate again. Excellent concept and implementation. Congratulations!” -Anonymous

“It was fantastic talking with you last week! You are a genius and I was so appreciative of your advice and input. I cannot tell you how much your advice has already benefited me! I did speak with our Maestro/Executive Director, and explained the risk of burnout and how many hours once human being can work without getting frustrated, HE AGREED!!! Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I look forward to communicating and working with you in the future!” With Sincerity and Respect, C. Williams, Ph.D., Development Director

“I have used your invaluable career book over and over again. It has been hugely helpful in pushing my candidacy for several jobs I never thought I could get near. Thank you!!!I’m very far along in the interview process for a Development Director position for a performing arts venue at a very well regarded university. Thanks for everything!!!!! Your book has been a godsend!” all best, Susan

“I want you to know, I used information I learned from your book “Get the job” to go to my Executive Director and change my career inside our organization and restore work/life balance to the crazy Jenna Cosmos, and I am forever in your debt for that!” -Jenna, Communications Coordinator, Virginia

“I loved your book, Get the Job! In fact, it has helped me get two job offers and negotiate a raise since I bought it. Your book helped me write excellent cover letters and resumes and ask the right questions during interviews. I decided the first offer wasn’t the best fit and turned it down, but am very excited to start my new job soon. I will be re-reading the chapters on setting realistic expectations at my new job, which is part of a start up foundation for a university here in the UK (hard to believe there are still universities out there not in the fundraising game).” -Stephanie Miller

Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide is for you….from the absolute beginner to the seasoned professional. Delivered in the frank, dynamic and empowering way which we’ve come to expect from Mazarine, this book has a lot to share with any and all readers. Tips in the book will get you to take a good hard look at where you are, where you want to go and what you absolutely must do to if you want to find a job you’ll love where you are appreciated and adequately compensated. You’ll be presented with strategies for beginning and sustaining satisfaction and success in a new job. Get the Job! is the real deal, no bull scoop on what it means to be a fundraiser, how to do what is needed to get the job and how to be happy once you are there. This is the stuff that other authors are not covering because Mazarine Treyz is invested in the long-term happiness of each fundraiser who reads the book and elevating the fundraising industry. That is immediately apparent when you start to read this very valuable title. -Judi DeSouter, NYC