Fundraising Mastermind Elite Testimonials

What are people saying about the fundraising advice, fundraising webinars and fundraising e-courses you’ll find in Fundraising Mastermind Elite?

I think you’re the most amazingest wildest woman fundraiser out there. I’ve told so many people about how smart and wonderful you are, including some fancy-pants manhattan consultant who offered a free event audit. Thanks so much for everything. -Molly Ola Pinney, Founder/ CEO, Global Autism Project  molly-ola
“I have to thank you for helping me with the way I approach donors. Because of your generous sharing of knowledge, I got a bunch of smaller donations today…and $2500, $5k,$10k and $30k donations. WOOHOOOOOO! Those are MAJOR gifts for our small nonprofit.One even gave us the opportunity to use their contribution as a matching challenge. The info that you share, and the dynamic way in which you present it, make fundraising easy and fun!Well, I am heading out now after an arduous day of receiving donations.Keep the good content coming and we’ll keep absorbing it and churning it out as good fundraising efforts.” -Anonymous  anon
“When I stumbled upon Mazarine’s blog at midnight, I was in search of answers; answers that would take my nonprofit to the next level. Being a new executive manager in a new career field, I often wondered if my current approach was the best approach or even an effective approach. I found the Wildwoman Fundraising blog and immediately signed up for the newsletter. I have been a huge supporter ever since. Mazarine confirmed my initial efforts and instincts, and she was a great encouragement to my capabilities. Through her webinars, very informative blog post, and newsletters, my e-mail marketing open rates have increased to 17% from 9%, my fundraising revenue has increased 50% in 7 months, and we have implemented key development plans that would have never been executed had it not been for her consulting. I have purchased both the Wildwoman’s Guide to Fundraising and the Wildwoman’s Guide to Social Media and both books are absolutely wonderful resources for any nonprofit management and development staff. I would certainly recommend Mazarine for any of your nonprofit/fundraising needs!” -Kenita Pierce-Lewis, Founder, H.O.P.E. Inc, Georgia. kenita-lewis
“I wanted to let you know that I thought your presentation was wonderful and that it was one of the most useful WVDO events that I have attended” -Barb Gorman, Communications Specialist, Housecall Providers, Portland, OR bgorman
“I was fortunate to have her for 2 sessions! I really think she is outstanding and a wonderful asset to the conference!” -From The Meals on Wheels National Conference 2013
“That was a great session! I didn’t realize I could learn so much in an hour and a half! I am the first person in our organization of 20 years with the title fund developer–a lot of folks are counting on me. All of the resources you shared will be invaluable!” -Linda Parson, Birthing Project USA linda-parson
“This has been one of the best webinars I’ve attended. Incredible amount of information that I can’t wait to implement at work. Thank you so much!” -Jen Hiebert, Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute, Moscow, Idaho jen-hiebert
“Excellent presentation on sponsorships, helpful, informative, and motivating! -John Panarese, Executive Director, Animal Rescue League of Fall River, MA” john-panarese
“We are a grassroots organization doing our fifth fundraising event next year. Mazarine Treyz’s presentation helped us brainstorm who to approach and lots of ways to convince them to sponsor us! Tremendous value. If you’re looking for sponsors, take this course! ” -Denise Hawkinson, Ph.D., Board member, Post-Partum Health Alliance denise-hawkinson
“I learned so much from Mazarine’s Wildly Successful Events seminar! I have already put some of her tips into place with great success! It’s definitely a valuable presentation.” -Colleen Payne, Executive Director, Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky colleen-payne
“I enjoyed your Moving Up In Your Nonprofit Career webinar. The worksheets are a great resource, I used the “Cheat Sheet” at an interview this Friday and left a great impression. Your work is inspiring!” -C. Massillon anon2
“With the uncertainty around federal funding, it is imperative that we find unique ways to raise funds for our program. I found your trainings at the Meals on Wheels conference to be so helpful and already have a great idea around finding a sponsor for our meal program.” -Brynn Evans, Executive Director Meals On Wheels of Lamoille County  brynn-evans
Since I first stumbled across your “Wild Woman Fundraising,” I have wanted to be in touch with you. Like so many of my colleagues–I think especially my women colleagues–in fundraising, we’re running at a thousand miles and hour and want someone to come alongside us to tell us we aren’t crazy, we’re making progress on doing the right things, we are making a difference. Thank you for playing that role for me.I have 33 years of non-profit fundraising experience. I earned my Certified Fund Raising Executive designation in 1991. Thanks for bringing what you do to the rest of us. Your resources, your presence, your personal stories, the successes and opportunities you share are very meaningful to me. Please keep doing what you are doing!Blessings to you in your important work, –Ruth E. Messick CFRE, Vice President of Gift Planning and Public Relations  ruth-messick
“Within four hours of soaking in all of your wonderful lessons and advice, I was able to empower someone to bring in a hefty item for one of the Silent Auctions, and secure a major score of my own. Better yet, using what I had learned within the prior twelve hours, I was able to put together a variety of sponsorship packages for a recently-revealed connection in an industry you mentioned AND“Wow!”, I not only secured a $1500 sponsorship for a specific need, but just found out that we received a 15,000 sponsorship, as well. I’d say that’s a darned good return on one webinar!  Thanks a million!”    -Judi DeSouter, Director of Advancement at Catholic Elementary Development Partners, New York, NY judi-desouter
Your webinar was fantastic! Chock full of usable information which I will be putting to use.

Love the one page development plan. I’ve been seeking some type of format. Think I’ve found it!

Plus your ideas are great! Love the small party idea and that is one that will work well in New Orleans since people here LOVE to party!!!

Also the concept of developing your fundraising team. When you run a small program, you tend to think of yourself as being alone but you really aren’t! These concepts are amazing. -Julie Condy, Executive Director, Crescent City Lights Youth Theatre

At the end of one of Mazarine’s webinars, I asked if she would review the year-end appeal letter I was in the process of writing. She readily agreed and off it went. Within hours, the letter was back in my in-box with some excellent suggestions. She has the ability to hone in on what is really important, eliminate what isn’t and identify what needs special emphasis. Her webinar was packed with practical, easy to incorporate tips and I learned more in that one hour than I have in two to three hour workshops. -Claudia Harrod, Cincinnati Area Senior Services, Cincinnati, Ohio  claudia-herrod
I can’t thank you enough for providing such informative and enjoyable webinars, especially addressing sponsorships.  The information you impart is so complete and comprehensive that there is no room for wondering if I have all of the info needed to create the sponsorship packages or to go out and seek the support.  Confidence is a wonderful by-product of participating in your webinars.  Others may give info that helps you with the nuts and bolts, but it is only by your unique presentation style and personality infused into the presentations that you buoy participants on to move forward, full steam ahead.
-Judi DeSouter, Director of Advancement, Catholic Elementary Development Partners

“Mazarine’s webinar gave me many fresh ideas that I would like to incorporate into my upcoming mailings. I plan to review my notes and the supplemental materials provided in order to create an “action plan” for the lessons learned. Thank you!” -Amanda Parker, Associate Director of Development, OPERA America
“Mazarine Treyz’s presentation gave me TONS of ideas for making our year-end direct mailing more effective. The opportunity for questions and answers was also extremely valuable! Thanks!” —T.J. Holsen, Development Director, Parents as Teachers of Lake County, Inc. Indiana

“I was highly impressed with Mazarine’s webinar. She provides practical advice and pertinent information on best practices, how-to strategies and many new and different places to look for sponsors. Great for anyone, novice to expert.” -Karrie Groves Riemer, Operation Sack Lunch, Seattle, WA

“Mazarine Treyz’s presentation helped me ‘think big’ for a big event. Great resources, fresh ideas and lots of energy. Thank you!” -Leigh Crow, Director, Resource Development, United Way of Forsyth County, Georgia
“Mazarine Treyz’s presentation provided me with valuable information and some creative new ideas that I will put into practice immediately! So much to think about! -Sue Ann Lynes, Executive Assistant/Corporate Membership, Soil and Water Conservation Society, Iowa
Wow, what a great presenter and a wonderful class! So glad you offered it. -Sonya
The presenter did a great job. The presentation was brisk and I felt like she knew her material well.

Wonderful presenter!!
Compliments webinar Events
I thought it was very informative and received good tips for my year-end appeal letter. I thought Mazarine was terrific. I look forward to attending another webinar .
Full of great information, and was great to be given other links as resources and supplemental materials– that makes it an incredible value! I also appreciated the presenter providing real world examples. -From October 2011 webinar
Mazarine Treyz’s workshop was helpful! I liked the interactive approach, I got to talk about what our agency is doing and get personalized feedback for improvements.” -Erica Schmidt, Literacy Coalition of Central Texas, Austin, TX
“I liked Mazarine’s workshop. It was small and very personable, great info and energy, examples and resources aplenty, very open to Q & A.”Rich Lillejdahl, Mary Lee Foundation, Austin, TX

“I attended Mazarine’s workshop at the Urban League’s Job Fair. She did a great job of presenting! Authentic and informative and helpful. I will pass this information on to everyone I am in contact with. Thank you Mazarine!” -Evelyn Liu Phoenix Lotus Foundation Portland, Oregon


“I’ve learned so much about fundraising and marketing! I had a fabulous time learning as my experience was filled with her warmth as a person.” -Shoshana Avree, Executive Director, A Child’s Life Nepal