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Fundraising Coaching Success Story

kenita-pl  “When we worked with Mazarine on fundraising coaching, we went from making $35,000 per year to almost $100,000 per year. In 2014, we doubled that amount to $200,000. For our tiny, new nonprofit, that is a big achievement! Thank you Mazarine!” -Kenita Pierce-Lewis, Founder, HOPE Inc.

“When I stumbled upon Mazarine’s blog at midnight, I was in search of answers; answers that would take my nonprofit to the next level. Being a new executive manager in a new career field, I often wondered if my current approach was the best approach or even an effective approach. I found the Wild Woman Fundraising blog and immediately signed up for the newsletter. I have been a huge supporter ever since. Mazarine confirmed my initial efforts and instincts, and she was a great encouragement to my capabilities. Through her webinars, very informative blog post, and newsletters, my e-mail marketing open rates have increased to 17% from 9%, my fundraising revenue has increased 50% in 7 months, and we have implemented key development plans that would have never been executed had it not been for her consulting. I have purchased both the Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising and the Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media and both books are absolutely wonderful resources for any nonprofit management and development staff. I would certainly recommend Mazarine for any of your nonprofit fundraising needs!”-Kenita Pierce-Lewis, Founder, H.O.P.E. Inc, Georgia.

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Fundraising Mastermind Elite Success Story

“I just had to tell you about some successes we have had recently!


Last month we mailed out our 1st ever donor survey and had a response rate of about 21%. Not only that, but it brought in over $5000 in donations and we are able to add 50 email addresses (hey, it’s a start), so that we can begin quarterly email newsletters. The survey gave us extremely valuable feedback.


I can’t thank you enough for Fundraising Mastermind Elite. I know that I have a lot more to learn, but you have helped to give me a new framework for how I look at fundraising/development for our organization. The monthly phone calls, webinars and ecourses give me a full understanding of various methods and have already helped me to improve and expand on our previous efforts. I’m telling our stories in new ways and we are showing love for our donors like never before!! And, we have already almost reached our campaign goal for the year prior to our summer mailing even going out!! I’m convinced that working with your materials helped to make this happen! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

–Brynn Evans, Executive Director, Meals On Wheels of Lamoille County, Vermont



Finding and Keeping Donors Success Story

silhouette-woman2“I have to thank you for helping me with the way I approach donors. Because of your generous sharing of knowledge, I got a bunch of smaller donations today…and $2500, $5k,$10k and $30k donations. WOOHOOOOOO! Those are MAJOR gifts for our small nonprofit.One even gave us the opportunity to use their contribution as a matching challenge. The info that you share, and the dynamic way in which you present it, make fundraising easy and fun! Well, I am heading out now after an arduous day of receiving donations.Keep the good content coming and we’ll keep absorbing it and churning it out as good fundraising efforts.” -Anonymous



Appeal Letter Success Stories

claudia-herrodAt the end of one of Mazarine’s webinars, I asked if she would review the year-end appeal letter I was in the process of writing. She readily agreed and off it went. Within hours, the letter was back in my in-box with some excellent suggestions. She has the ability to hone in on what is really important, eliminate what isn’t and identify what needs special emphasis. Her webinar was packed with practical, easy to incorporate tips and I learned more in that one hour than I have in two to three hour workshops. -Claudia Harrod, Cincinnati Area Senior Services, Cincinnati, Ohio


“We usually get $3,000 or $4,000 with our year end appeal letter, but thanks to Mazarine’s appeal letter writing help, we got $8,000 this year!” -California senior services nonprofit


“I just wanted to share some very encouraging news now that our year-end appeal is winding down.   With what I’ve learned from you, and a lot of donor cultivation, one of my schools has seen our annual appeal grow 244% over last year.  I am stoked!” -J. DeSouter, NYC


silhouette-femaleI wanted to write to let you know of the success I had with my annual appeal letter this year. I was stuck. I toiled over many versions of my letter and nothing felt right. I read your advice about a good appeal letter and the part about appealing to the readers emotions hit me as well as the advised format. Shortly after that it came to me and I wrote the letter in five minutes. I told a story about a parents journey through Catholic education. The story is my story. I also read the story at our annual kickoff event. One donor wrote us a check for more than half our goal that night!!

When I talked to her after to thank her she said the story inspired her. It’s her story too. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the good words for the little development offices like mine with part time staff and limited resources!! -Renee Motazedi, Development Director, Joplin Area Catholic Schools


Sponsorship Success Stories

“We got more in sponsorships than we ever got before, over goal, $132,000! Thank you for helping our small arts festival outside succeed!” – Director, The Woodlands Arts Festival, Texas

“Within four hours of soaking in all of your wonderful lessons and advice, I was able to empower someone to bring in a hefty item for one of the Silent Auctions, and secure a major score of my own. Better yet, using what I had learned within the prior twelve hours, I was able to put together a variety of sponsorship packages for a recently-revealed connection in an industry you mentioned AND“Wow!”, I not only secured a $1500 sponsorship for a specific need, but just found out that we received a 15,000 sponsorship, as well. I’d say that’s a darned good return on one webinar! Thanks a million!” -Judi DeSouter, Director of Advancement at Catholic Elementary Development Partners, New York, NY





Fundraising Career Success Stories

“It was fantastic talking with you last week! You are a genius and I was so appreciative of your advice and input. I cannot tell you how much your advice has already benefited me! I did speak with our Maestro/Executive Director, and explained the risk of burnout and how many hours once human being can work without getting frustrated, HE AGREED!!! Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I look forward to communicating and working with you in the future!” With Sincerity and Respect, C. Williams, Ph.D., Development Director


“I have used your invaluable career book over and over again. It has been hugely helpful in pushing my candidacy for several jobs I never thought I could get near. Thank you!!!I’m very far along in the interview process for a Development Director position for a performing arts venue at a very well regarded university. Thanks for everything!!!!! Your book has been a godsend!” all best, Susan


“I want you to know, I used information I learned from your book “Get the job” to go to my Executive Director and change my career inside our organization and restore work/life balance to the crazy Jenna Cosmos, and I am forever in your debt for that!” -Jenna, Communications Coordinator, Virginia

“I loved your book, Get the Job! In fact, it has helped me get two job offers and negotiate a raise since I bought it. Your book helped me write excellent cover letters and resumes and ask the right questions during interviews. I decided the first offer wasn’t the best fit and turned it down, but am very excited to start my new job soon. I will be re-reading the chapters on setting realistic expectations at my new job, which is part of a start up foundation for a university here in the UK (hard to believe there are still universities out there not in the fundraising game).” -Stephanie Miller


Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide is for you….from the absolute beginner to the seasoned professional. Delivered in the frank, dynamic and empowering way which we’ve come to expect from Mazarine, this book has a lot to share with any and all readers. Tips in the book will get you to take a good hard look at where you are, where you want to go and what you absolutely must do to if you want to find a job you’ll love where you are appreciated and adequately compensated. You’ll be presented with strategies for beginning and sustaining satisfaction and success in a new job. Get the Job! is the real deal, no bull scoop on what it means to be a fundraiser, how to do what is needed to get the job and how to be happy once you are there. This is the stuff that other authors are not covering because Mazarine Treyz is invested in the long-term happiness of each fundraiser who reads the book and elevating the fundraising industry. That is immediately apparent when you start to read this very valuable title. -Judi


“I normally don’t send emails like this, but I wanted to let you know that the resources you have provided at the Fundraising Career Conference work!

I recently on a whim applied for a job at a big corporation for a business dev position.  Wasn’t really serious about it– I love my current job and like the non-profit and higher ed sectors, but thought it would be worth it to at least get some experience tailoring a resume and cover letter for industry.

Less than 24 hours after submitting, I was contacted by a recruiter.  On the phone he told me “You don’t technically have the experience, and this is a stretch position, but your cover letter was amazing and it read like a perfect fit for this job, so I am forwarding you up to the hiring manager.”

I had used an adapted version of your cover letter template. Just wanted to let you know that it also gets the attention of people at major multi-national corporations.” -C

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