It’s hard to find money for marketing. So you have to get creative. Check out these cheap or free ways to maximize your marketing presence.


Why have a feed reader? To keep track of what people are saying about your cause, your cause news and other news. You can also create a feed directly on your website or blog. This is easy to do with WordPress add-ons.
RSS feed readers
Netvibes.com (my personal favorite)

Interview community partners, program staff, donors, volunteers, or senior management at your charity. Ask them what their favorite part of their job is. Ask them about misconceptions people have about the cause or the work. Ask them to share their favorite music, make that the fade-out. Have fun with it.
Podcast software:
You can record with Audacity, edit with Levelator.
Use podbean.com-put your podcast on iTunes, iTunes University, and PodCast.com

Want to have a monthly radio show about your nonprofit? BlogTalkRadio is free, unlimited numbers of people can listen, and up to 5 people can call in for questions.
Radio for your nonprofit:

Vlogging is video blogging. When you have an event, this is a good time to vlog. Imagine your nonprofit blog-and you’re there, waving from your gala or open house, showing people around, showing the impact your charity has had.
Vlogging software:

Have you ever taken part in a webinar? Have you ever run a webinar? What do you know well enough to teach? Would donors or staff be interested in taking your webinar? Why don’t you ask? (Wow, the question marks are really having a day out.)
Webinar software:

If you have a goal that you’re trying to reach, why not send lots of text messages to your supporters and make them aware of the goal, and ask them to give?
Free Text messages services:

Running an event takes a lot of time, energy, and money. I should know. I’ve run friendraisers, galas, auctions, dinners, candidate forums, and even steamboat rides. You’ve got to send out invites, call to follow up, track attendees somehow… it all requires you to have a quick way of cataloging people. Acteva seems to do that. Have you used it? What do you think of it, if so?
Event Planning for your nonprofit:

There’s also a list on MakeUseOf of 66 services you can use for organizing events, everything from your next family reunion to big events.

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FYI. I’m not getting paid any money to list these. Just hope you might find them useful!

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