Are you writing your year end fundraising emails right now?

Are you wondering how to get more out of your year end fundraising emails?

If so, consider what you could lose.

This chart is from Blackbaud’s 2014 giving report, and as you can see, every single kind of nonprofit raises the majority of their online money in December. And online giving grew by 7% in the last year alone.

People want to give online, and if they’re not giving to you, they’re giving somewhere else.

Your emails at the end of the year are the most important emails that you send all year.

They are the ones that can make you the most money.

Why not end the year with a bang?

Wouldn’t you like to get not just higher open rates, but higher clickthrough rates, and higher amounts of donations from these emails?

If so, I am offering a service for just 3 nonprofits, to help you succeed with your emails at the end of the year.

Your year end emails can encourage people who want that tax write-off to get that gift in to you ASAP.

These emails we could work on together can encourage people to give again if they haven’t given yet

Your year end emails can remind them of your nonprofit if your letter got lost in their mail pile.

And your year end emails can remind your most loyal givers to give again.

Have I had success with year-end emails before?

With the Austin Civic Orchestra, I helped them achieve double their previous appeal’s results with their year end emails.

With a recent campaign I did in November and December, we got 90 new donors in 30 days, and raised the vast majority of our money through the use of effective emails-all this with no list, and no history of giving.


Here’s what my year-end email service includes:

  • 1 consultation call
  • Unlimited emails between us
  • Final product: 2-3 year end emails that emphasize your message from your year end appeal

Total investment for my service: $250

Total potential additional return for you: $1,000+


What is my guarantee?

If you are not 100% satisfied with my service, I offer a 30 day refund policy.

If you want to make sure that your year end emails get you the most money possible, let’s work together!

Click here to get started.