Cover of the NTEN Database 2011 Report Recently I helped a small, all volunteer run nonprofit orchestra choose their first database. It was done with some delays, but we got our data from various spreadsheets put into the online database, and we started using it. It was fun to get the first appeal letters in 5 years out with this software, and we definitely got a much better return as we were able to personalize the letters we sent.

Last month I co-moderated the Small Nonprofit Chat (#smNPchat), created by Pamela Grow, and we had lots of people in the chat talking about donor databases. So some questions you might be asking yourself, if you’re thinking about getting a new database, or getting a database for the first time:

Which donor database is best for you?
What do you need your database to do?
Which ones should you stay away from?



Here are some pros and cons of different nonprofit databases:

I recommend: Bloomerang Donor Database (note- this is an affiliate link, and I might get a little money if you decide to go with them)

Here are the recommendations from the 2011 NTEN survey.

NTEN and Idealware donor Management Software 2011

NTEN Donor Database report

If you want to read the whole survey yourself, just click here.