Mazarine Treyz, cover story, june, 2013, fundraising success magazine

Cover Story, June 2013, Fundraising Success Magazine

I’m so thankful for Margaret Battistelli for tracking me down and letting me contribute the front page feature to Fundraising Success Magazine. Thank you Margaret!

You should go check it out.

It’s here: http://www.fundraisingsuccessmag.com/magazine/fundraising-success/

If you’ve read the article, and you’re like, okay, what’s the next step?

What if you’re like, “I want to get to the point of having the interview, how do I get there?”

OR “What if I’m moving past the first 3 months in my fundraising position and I want to continue to succeed?”

Let me just say, You Have Asked The Right Question!

And the answer? Is much longer than a blog post. It’s about 200 pages actually, and it’s all right here.

If you ever wished you had someone gently showing you what they have learned about cover letters, interviewing, negotiating salary, the different kinds of fundraising careers you can have, and more, you need this book.

Fundraising Job Book

Get The Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide

According to the 2013 Compasspoint Underdeveloped Report, 21% of development directors in small nonprofits are looking to move out of their current position, and 29% expect to leave the field of fundraising in the next 5 years.

That means that if you’re in your first fundraising job now, odds are you’ll have another 2-3 jobs in the next 5 years. That means you need to get savvy on how to get the right fundraising job for you. Don’t get stuck in a bad situation! But how can you recognize a bad situation? This book will show you how, right in the interview.

This book represents the culmination of all of my years of experience looking for fundraising jobs, from how to create a killer cover letter to how to ace the interview. From speaking your truth at work (and calling out dysfunctional organizational culture), to how to succeed in your first 80 days.

How do I know all of this? Because girl I have been there!

I have been a development assistant, a development associate, a development officer and a development director, as well as a co-founder of a nonprofit and a development consultant. I’ve run big galas, career fairs, auctions, outreach festivals. I’ve written appeal letters and gotten grants. I’ve designed annual reports, marketing materials, and more.

In this book, you will get advice and materials that are easy to use and created especially for you, the busy fundraising professional.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a compelling cover letter that gets results
  • How to relate unrelated experience on your resume.
  • How to ask good interview questions to find out if your boss will be a bully.
  • Case studies of how people stepped into leadership roles at nonprofits.
  • The three conversations you MUST have with your boss to be successful.
  • How to negotiate for a higher nonprofit salary, AND MORE!

For only $39.97, you can get a clear roadmap to succeeding in your fundraising career.

Check it out in my shop!

About the author:

Mazarine Treyz has connected nonprofit jobseekers and employers for over five years. She has:

  • Directed successful nonprofit career fairs & looked at hundreds of resumes
  • Connected jobseekers with nonprofit career experts
  • Facilitated client job searches resulting in successful jobs in nonprofit and government
  • Moved on up from Development Assistant to Development Director and Development Consultant.

What are people saying about the book?

I just ordered your book Get the Job. Five minutes after placing the order the phone rang and I was called to come in for an interview with an organization that would be a wonderful next step in my career. That is what I call fast results! -Julie

What’s inside the book? I’m glad you asked. Here’s the table of contents.

Table of Contents

About the Author vi
Intro viii
Finding the Job 1
How to Never Miss a Job Posting Ever Again 1
Job Search Sites 4
LinkedIn For Your Nonprofit Job Search
What Skills Do You Need to Be a Good Fundraiser?
What Kinds of Fundraising Jobs Are There?
What’s In A Title?
Applying for the Job 31
Writing Your Cover Letter
Sample Cover Letter #1
Sample Cover Letter #2
Writing Your Resume
Sample Resume #1
Sample Resume #2 47
Applying For Nonprofit Jobs Online: Take it or Leave it 49
Looking for Work: Passion for the Mission is a MUST! 51
At-Will Employment WTF 55
But They All Want 5 Years of Experience! 57
Interviewing 60
10 Interview Questions You May Be Asked
6 More Interview Questions You May Be Asked
10 Stories To Tell In Your Interview
10 Questions to Ask in Your Fundraising Job Interview
6 Interview Questions to Find Out if Your Boss Will be a Bully
Sniff out for the Setup in the Interview 74
Cheat Sheet of Good Questions to Take To Your Next Interview 78
How to Negotiate Your Nonprofit Salary 81
Do Your research
How to Negotiate a Bigger Salary at a Nonprofit
Case Study of How to Negotiate Your Nonprofit Salary
Why Are We Paid So Little?
Now You’ve Got the Job 93
Too Many Interruptions? Try Solution focused Questions
Do You Have a Super Job?
How to Delegate Your Work
Moving On Up
How Can You Climb The Ladder?
Don’t Be a Leader. Be a Builder.
Why Sit On a Board?
6 Ways to be a good nonprofit leader 116
Case Studies of Nonprofit Careers
How to Become a Chief Development Officer 120
How to Be an Executive Director 123
Getting into Political Fundraising
Getting into Planned Giving 133
Are You Feeling Stuck?
Becoming a Nonprofit Consultant 140
Articulating Your Needs
Do You Have Any Thought-Terminating Cliches?
Change Your Language, Change Your Life
What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You, So Learn Some Vocabulary! 148
Clarifying Your Demands
Fire the Assholes, and the Company Culture Will Change 153
Managing Up, What Does it Mean?
Grading Your Boss
Brooking No Argument
How to Respond if Your Boss Yells at You
Bullying Bosses Can Cause Employee Suicide
What is Rankism? 168
Are You Attacked for Your Fashion? 171
Are You Attacked for Not Being Corporate Enough? 175
23 Fundraising Career Mistakes I Hope You Won’t Make 181
Speaking Your Truth At Work
Aw Girl, Are You Jaded?
Step Off the Fundraising Treadmil 186
Do You hate Your Job? 3 Reasons Why 188
Do You Want to Know Who REALLY Has Cause Fatigue? 191
Are You a Wage Slave? Take This Quiz 193
10 Shocking Scary Secrets of Working In Fundraising
Breaking Out of Fundraising 199
Motivation 204
So, What’s My Motivation In This Scene? 204
Are You Obsessed with Saving the World?
What Are Your Attitudes About Money and Value?
How can You Recover from a Toxic Workplace? 214
Self Care Habits 217
Conclusion 219
Bibliography 220
Worksheets 223
What-How-Wow Stories
Rockin’ Internship Description 225
Volunteer Job Ideas checklist
Sample 3 Month Review
LinkedIn Profile Checklist
How to Become a Fundraising Consultant
Consulting Email to Set Expectations
Sample Development Consulting Timesheet
Outro 238