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Do you want more donors? More sponsors? More money for your nonprofit?

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What results could you get by joining the Fundraising Mastermind Elite?

  • 3x your grant money, like I did for The Urban League of Portland, from $7K to $120K
  • See your donations increase 100% with your appeal letters, like my client Austin Civic Orchestra did
  • Brainstorm new sources of income for your nonprofit, like I did for my client Global Autism Project and over 10x your yearly income. They went from $35K a year to $500K per year
  • Send out the best appeal letters ever, like I did for Meals on Wheels affiliates, and Food on Foot and got them $66K with their first online spring appeal!
  • Get $50K event sponsors (see people (like Judi) who have gotten sponsorships thanks to what I taught them)
  • Keep Your Donors with better donor acknowledgement systems, like I did with my client Global Autism Project
  • Motivate and train board members to help you fundraise, like I did my client Austin Civic Orchestra
  • Put your corporate volunteers to work and get paid $5K by their corporation, like I did for Clackamas Women’s Services
  • Create systems to teach others how to fundraise for you with all of the handy e-courses inside Fundraising Mastermind Elite
  • Assess or Create your fundraising plan to keep you focused all year long

What is Fundraising Mastermind Elite?

Simply a place to gain community, share, learn and grow in your fundraising knowledge to help you meet and exceed your fundraising goals. The Fundraising Mastermind Elite is created specifically for small and mid-size organizations looking to take their fundraising to the next level. You get a monthly call with me, as well as ALL of my resources, courses, and webinars built up over the last 10 years! 

Joining Fundraising Mastermind Elite makes SENSE!

To get all of my webinars would cost $1,600+. To get all of my e-courses would cost over $1,300. Imagine getting all of this, not including guest webinars and a monthly call with me for only $697!

This solution allows you to save thousands of dollars!

I am an approved trainer for Association of Fundraising Professionals, Association of Donor Relations Professionals, US Olympic Committee, Meals on Wheels National, Idaho Nonprofit Center, Mississippi Center for Nonprofits, Nonprofit Association of Oregon, Minnesota Nonprofit Center, Nonprofit Pro, CFRE International, Kitsap Center for Nonprofit Excellence and many more.

Fundraising Mastermind Elite is community is for people who are ready to get results.

What about the size and mission of the nonprofit? Could I understand where you’re coming from?

Are you the founder of your nonprofit? I feel your pain. I’ve co-founded a nonprofit, too. I know how difficult it can be to get a new nonprofit off the ground. And Fundraising Mastermind Elite can help you create systems to get everything done right the first time.

Are you leading an all-volunteer nonprofit? I’ve been there, too. The Fundraising Mastermind Elite can help you navigate getting board members to work, teach your board to fundraise, so that you can build the capacity to get paid staff.

Are you in a one-to-three person shop at a small nonprofit? In a one-person shop, I’ve done everything from get $250,000 in sponsorships to $35,000 in appeal returns to $120,000 in grants (over the course of a year, doubling and sometimes tripling previous results) for such diverse causes as; domestic violence, social justice, education, healthcare, arts in healthcare, senior services, classical music, and more. If you want more advice on how to get more done, get more money in a shorter amount of time with a small fundraising shop, Fundraising Mastermind Elite can help you.

I’ve also worked internationally. I know some of the pain of NGOs and raising money for overseas projects. With Fundraising Mastermind Elite, we can help you make your cause more relevant to people who may never see the project.

Live the life you've always dreamed of. Find the freedom you've always wanted. The key to living a truly entrepreneurial life is automation. We'll start with your business.
What will Fundraising Mastermind Elite do for you?
Read what a Fundraising Mastermind Elite member says:
"Fundraising Mastermind Elite is packed with so much great content and I love that you can download all of the e-courses and refer back to them later. When I joined this course, I was at the beginning of my journey and only had my mentors keeping me accountable. The monthly meetings gave me much needed accountability each month! Mazarine has a contagious enthusiasm and you can tell that it's not just a job for her and that she really cares about your project and your future success."

-Magali Gregoire, Executive Director, Back to the Sea Aquarium
What's our track record?
Will we help you get CONCRETE results because you signed up for Fundraising Mastermind Elite? Read what some members have said below.
With Fundraising Mastermind Elite, I got encouragement to try something radically different for an earned income stream for my nonprofit, and it's helped us raise exponentially more money, and transformed our fundraising strategy forever."  

-Molly Ola Pinney, CEO, Global Autism Project, NYC, NY
"I raised a LOT more money in Fundraising Mastermind Elite! I bought a yearly membership multiple times because I simply got so much value out of it each year."

  -Brynn Evans, former Executive Director Meals on Wheels of Lamoille County, VT, current Development Director, VT hospital
“We doubled our income year on year with the help of Fundraising Mastermind Elite. The recorded webinars, the live webinars, and the calls were invaluable to our small nonprofit.”

-Kenita Pierce-Lewis, Executive Director, H.O.P.E. Inc., Greater Atlanta, GA
What's inside?

30 minute calls with me once a month! Where we can talk about whatever you want! 

79 Fundraising Mastermind Elite Webinar Recordings – all worth over $100 each, with top nonprofit experts from every area of the nonprofit management world. Here are a few of the recordings inside:

Board Development
Simone Joyaux: Recruiting the right board members for your organization
Andy Robinson: Building a Board that Works
Gail Perry: Making Board Fundraising Fun!
Plus a free chapter of her book, Fired Up Fundraising

Gayle Gifford: Making Your Board More Effective

Major Gifts
Joe Garecht: The Major Donor Formula webinar
Joe Garecht: The Art of the In Person Ask

Direct Mail
John Lepp: Getting Creative with Direct Mail
Mazarine Treyz: Crucial Year End Giving Strategies
Mazarine Treyz: How to write a stunning direct mail package piece by piece
Mazarine Treyz: Tons of Money in the Mail

Bruce Burtch: Moving Beyond Sponsorships
Bruce Burtch Online Workshop: Creating relationships with corporations that can lead to hugely successful long-term partnerships

Government Contracting
Getting Government Grants and Contracts for Your Nonprofit, Advanced Webinar with Carroll Bernard
Mazarine Treyz: Starting Earned Income Streams for Your Nonprofit webinar

Volunteers and Delegating to get more done in your office
Mazarine Treyz: How to find and keep volunteers

Nonprofit Communications
Vanessa Chase: How to tell Your Nonprofit’s Stories Online and create more awareness for your cause
Mazarine Treyz: Make Your Annual Reports Better
Mazarine Treyz: Keep Your Donors Webinar
Mazarine Treyz: Getting people to open your enewsletters
Melinda Snow Olson: Secrets of Keeping Your Donors with Email
Melinda Snow Olson: Advanced Webinar: Making Loyal Donors with Email Autoresponders
Mazarine Treyz: Doing Social Media for Your Nonprofit in 15 minutes a day
Mazarine Treyz: Wildly Successful Nonprofit Blogging

Getting Organized and Growing Your Nonprofit
Mazarine Treyz: The 100,000 technique to get more donors
Robert Weiner: The Brave New World of Donor Databases
Robert Weiner: The Right Gift from the Right Person at the Right Time
Mazarine Treyz: Create a Better Fundraising Plan-Short and Sweet!
Mazarine Treyz: Annual Giving Webinar

Your Nonprofit Career
Negotiating Your Nonprofit Salary with Karen O’Keefe of Advanced Negotiation Strategies

all 13 recordings from the Fundraising Career Conference 2015,
13 recordings from The Fundraising Career Conference 2016, and
12 recordings from the Nonprofit Leadership Summit 2016

Board Development & Training
Nonprofit Communications
Getting Organized and Growing Your Nonprofit
CEO, WSG Group
Major Gifts
Direct Mail
What ELSE do you get?

You get a 30 minute call with me once a month! 

AND ALL of my e-courses, including:

1. Your Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Online Giving and Crowdfunding course     
BONUS: Crowdfunding with Brady Josephson Webinar Recording


2. Secrets of Keeping Your Donors E-Course 
BONUS: Keeping Your Donors Webinar Recording
BONUS: Loving your donors and keeping them, FOR GOOD Webinar
BONUS: How to Find New Donors


3. Advanced Annual Reports for Fundraising E-Course
BONUS Recording: Making a Better Annual Report
BONUS Recording: Advanced Annual Reports for Print and Web


4. Your Ultimate Guide to a Bigger Sponsorship E-Course  
BONUS Recording: Wildly Successful Events
BONUS Recording: What Your Sponsors Really Want
BONUS Recording: How to start getting sponsors


5. Fantastic Monthly Giving E-Course 

6. Your Ultimate Guide to Fundraising with Volunteers E-Course 
BONUS Recording: How to find and keep volunteers
BONUS Recording: How to get volunteers to fundraise for you


7. Getting More Donations Through Your Enewsletters E-Course 
BONUS Recording: Getting More People to Open Your Enewsletters
BONUS Recording: Getting People to Donate through Your E-newsletters
BONUS Recording: Getting People to Click Donate on Your Nonprofit Website


8. Your Ultimate Guide to Successful Year End Appeals E-Course 
BONUS Recording: Crucial Year End Giving Strategies
BONUS Recording: How to write a stunning direct mail package piece by piece
BONUS Recording: Tons of Money in the Mail

9. Creating a Better Fundraising Plan E-Course 

BONUS recording: Fundraising Planning webinar

A 4 week comprehensive Fundraising Planning E-Course worth $197

 PLUS A Webinar Recording
A 4 week Advanced Annual Reports for Fundraising E-Course worth $197

 PLUS TWO Webinar Recordings
A 4 week FANTASTIC Monthy Giving E-Course worth $197
Your Ultimate Guide to Successful Year End Appeals A 5 week E-Course worth $197

 PLUS Three Webinar Recordings
Your Ultimate Guide to A BIGGER Sponsorship, A 5 week E-Course worth $197

 PLUS Two Webinar Recordings
Your Ultimate Guide to Online Giving and Crowd Funding, A 5 week E-Course worth $197

 PLUS Two Webinar Recordings
Secrets of Keeping Your Donors, A 5 week E-Course worth $197

 PLUS A Webinar Recording
Secrets of Finding New Donors, A 5 week E-Course worth $197

 PLUS Two Webinar Recordings
What people say about our transformative training and speakers
"Mazarine Treyz's fundraising webinar has been one of the best webinars I’ve attended, bar none. Incredible amount of information that I can’t wait to implement at work. Thank you so much!”
-Jen Hiebert, Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute, Moscow, Idaho
“I really enjoyed Erica Waasdorp's 
presentation on monthly giving! Our museum needs to move in this direction ASAP, and I found your advice and slides so helpful. I look forward to sharing them with my colleagues. “

- Amy Walton, Director of Development and External Affairs, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art 

“Thanks to Andy Robinson's training, we are happy to say that our board is more involved with fundraising than ever before. We have 100% participation in solicitation and appreciation activities by our trustees for our year-end giving campaign. It seems like a true culture shift is happening. Thank you for all of your help in making this happen.”

-Jennifer Zaso, Development Director, 
Monadnock Conservancy
"Capital campaign training from Andrea Kihlstedt has shown us how important it is to involve our donors in the planning, listening to their viewpoints and engaging them long before we’re ready to ask them for gifts." 

 -Celeste Thompson, Director of Institutional Advancement, All Saints Episcopal School

Fundraising Mastermind Elite created by Mazarine Treyz, Author, The Wild Woman's Guide to Fundraising and other books, CEO, Wild Woman Fundraising.

Treyz is a nationally-recognized strategist for fundraising planning and communications. Creator of over 12 e-courses, 3 masterclasses and 3 books, she has coached and taught over 12,000 nonprofit professionals how to be better fundraisers since 2010. Partners and clients include: AFP International, US Olympic Committee, Meals on Wheels National, GuideStar, VolunteerMatch, NetworkforGood, Association of Donor Relations Professionals,, Bloomerang, Blackbaud and many others.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fundraising Mastermind Elite

What does my membership include?

Think big. Think of 70+ webinars, videos, ebooks, e-courses, all worth over $6,000. Now imagine that you not only get that, but you also get a 30 minute call with me once a month!

Can I pay with Paypal?

Yes! Just check the Paypal option below and you will be directed to PayPal.

Can I use my credit card to pay?

Yes! Our secure services will make sure your payment information is safe. You can use your credit card or debit card to pay for Fundraising Mastermind Elite. You can also use your Paypal balance.

Can we get a group rate?

Yes! For groups of 4 or more, just contact and you will get a $100 discount on each member.

What's your refund policy?

If you are dissatisfied for ANY reason, just email us at within 60 days of your purchase to receive a full refund, no questions asked.


Why did you create Fundraising Mastermind Elite?

We created Fundraising Mastermind Elite because many nonprofits need help to go from a modest yearly budget to something more substantial. Buying individual trainings can get expensive. This is a cost-effective way to get access to trainings, whenever you need them, wherever you have an internet connection, throughout the year.

Whether you're just starting your monthly giving or major gifts program, or looking to start a capital campaign, we can help you start out on the right foot, or take your current program higher.

Who is running Fundraising Mastermind Elite?

Fundraising Mastermind Elite is run by a group of nonprofit leaders who saw a need for serious training to help struggling nonprofits overcome growth issues. The Fundraising Mastermind Elite concept was created by Mazarine Treyz, CEO of Wild Woman Fundraising.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can call 503-673-3863 or email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Who should become a member of Fundraising Mastermind Elite?

 If you're a nonprofit founder, Executive Director or CEO who wants to make your vision a reality but you're not sure how to do it, you should join Fundraising Mastermind Elite.

 If you're a fundraising professional who wants to learn more about major gifts, monthly giving, capital campaigns, or next level fundraising strategies, you should really join Fundraising Mastermind Elite.

 If you're a nonprofit board member who wants to learn more about fundraising, you should definitely join Fundraising Mastermind Elite.

When are the live trainings for Fundraising Mastermind Elite?  

 We offer live trainings throughout the year, including a monthly live webinar, a monthly call, and two 3 day online conferences in the spring and fall, one called the Nonprofit Leadership Summit (worth $697 on its own) and one called the Fundraising Career Conference (worth $297)

 If I miss a live session, will they be recorded?

 Yes! Each member of Fundraising Mastermind Elite gets access to all recordings within two weeks of the session.

10 reasons to join Fundraising Mastermind Elite Today
1. You're tired of trying to figure things out on your own.

2. You want extra support in your new fundraising role.

3. You know there's a lot you don't know about fundraising.

4. You want lots of training - but you don't have a lot of time.

5. You have unrealistic fundraising goals-and you need to get help to hit them.

6. You're wondering how to move on up in your career.

7. You want to become a better nonprofit leader.

8. You want time with a mentor every month to ask your fundraising questions. 

9. You want a free useful webinar on fundraising topics every month.

10.  You want next year to be better than this year, and you want help making a roadmap for how to get there.
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You want to join Fundraising Mastermind Elite-but not sure if your boss will let you? Your boss should let you join, it is such a steal. Here's a template email for you to edit. 

Dear [Boss],

Remember how we wanted to get more [monthly donors, major donors, sponsorships, capital campaign support] this year?

I'd like to learn how to fundraise more effectively. Luckily, there's this membership group called Fundraising Mastermind Elite where I can learn how to do it.

I get access to a fundraising coach for 30 minutes once a month. It's personalized just for the challenges that we're facing. 

Good news: I can do all of my learning at my desk, and then keep my productivity up for the rest of the day. Because it's got 70+ recordings from leaders like:

  • Andrea Kihlstedt, who wrote the textbook on Capital Campaigns.
  • Erica Waasdorp, who has raised over $18M with monthly giving,
  • Jeff Schreifels, who has helped nonprofits get millions from major donors,
  • And many more!
It's $697 for the whole year, including live trainings and recorded ones. This membership could really help us succeed in so many areas, and it won't require me to be out of the office. Plus I'll have access for the whole year, so I can watch the sessions over and over again.

So what do you say? Shall we do this?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

[Your Name Goes Here]

P.S. I'd love to help us get more fundraising income this year and this membership will help! Say yes?