Feel free to steal some of these fundraising resolutions to make for your own nonprofit in 2020!

If you just take ONE- take number one- and number 4 and it will help you increase your unrestricted major gifts in 2020!

1. We will take the leaky bucket assessment on BristolStrategyGroup.com

to find out how many of our donors we are keeping- and see where our leaks are.

2. We will have our team take the strengthsfinder assessment,

and look at how we can increase our teams areas where they can apply their strengths. This leads to increased fundraising income, decreased turnover, and a healthier workplace!  (If you’d like more support with this, book a call now)

go put your strengths to work marcus buckingham

3. We will outsource what we are not good at.

Here are a few people you can outsource to!

4. Finish your 1 page fundraising plan!

No more “let’s just fill the hole in the budget” kind of fundraising. We will make a plan for 2020 by January 31st. (if you want a DIY planning guide, go here– if you want more support, book a call to get started.)

5. Track our income and outgoing spend each month!

No more “let’s guesstimate our numbers!” We will look at our numbers quarterly or monthly and strive to do better in each area of strength. If we find we are weak in a certain area, we can farm out some of the work.


6. Start our major gifts pipeline, with monthly giving

No more “let’s make a monthly giving program without surveying our donors and meeting with our most loyal supporters. We resolve to help build our major gifts pipeline by doing better with our monthly giving. If you need a DIY course in monthly giving, go here– if you want more support, book a call.

monthly giving

7. Assess how long it takes to get a major gift

Let’s look at how long it takes us to go from identifying a major donor to getting the gift, (the Bristol Strategy Group can help you with that) and let’s see if we can make 10% more successful asks in 2020.

nonprofit consultants rock

8. Let’s look at our 80-20- where did we have the greatest success?

What contributed to that? Let’s resolve to do more of what helped us succeed this year. Want support in figuring out what was the most successful? That’s when you need a coach. Book a call and let’s talk.

9. Look back! Who was our biggest support this year?

Can we do more with these funders, donors or partnerships next year?

Elaine Lou mastermind Mazarine Treyz

10. What was the biggest distraction this year?

Was it our event that only made $2K? Can we cut that out or minimize it for next year?

11. What are some experiments we want to try?

How will we measure the outcome of those experiments? Not sure what experiments to try? Curious about how to take it to the next level? check out Fundraising Mastermind Elite!

12. Can we be more relevant in 2020?

How are we staying relevant? How are we engaging the community we serve? How are we engaging our donors and what could we do better, according to them? When was the last time we did a donor survey? Can we do another one right now?


13. Are we walking our talk?

Are we unconsciously recreating the dynamics and structures of oppression? Here’s a quick way to find out. We will look at how much of our leadership is from the dominant culture, and do an assessment to see if we can bring up current staff from the nondominant culture into leadership roles.

oregon Womens health network

Speaking at the oregon Womens health network panel

14. Are we losing money with turnover?

If so, can we ask staff what would make them stay? We need to do better. One way we will do better is by salary. We will do a full open salary reveal to help increase equity in pay for our workers.

Want to learn how to negotiate your salary? You can! Just go here

negotiate nonprofit salary15. Can we dedicate some time to the hard questions each quarter?

Hard questions: Would our organization do better as a program of a larger organization? Is there a way to see if by combining forces, we could be more efficient and effective, without duplicating efforts and fighting over limited donors?

What are YOUR new year’s resolutions for your nonprofit? Please leave a comment!