Fundraising Career Conference

How do you know if this Fundraising Career Conference is for you?

WELL! How about I give you a TASTE of our incredible presenters before the conference? Sound good?

women asssertiveness

We have a session on Assertiveness –  Speak Your Truth and Get a Raise! by Elaine Lou Cartas (Here’s a video of Elaine giving you a taste of her session). Her high energy and clear phrases definitely made me eager to learn more! 


You may have heard of mentors, but what about career sponsors? Did you know that you can accelerate to 3X growth in your non-profit career with a sponsor? Read on, then come to Christie Lindor’s session!) 

Have you or someone you know been harassed at work? (I know I have!) That’s why we have this session on The Price of No- Sexual Harassment in your Nonprofit Job by Maria Ramos-Chertok, J.D.– Check out this quick interview with Maria to get a taste of her session!

Kishshana Palmer

Do you want a preview of the Kishshana Palmer magic before her session, (UN)Stuck in the middle: Moving into a fundraising leadership role with ease? Then check out this quick 30 minute video interview on Keeping Your Fundraising Unicorns!) We had so much fun with this one! (Transcript in this link too) 

Leadership as Liberation by Desiree Adaway – OK you might be thinking- what does this mean? Desiree Adaway has 10 years of experience as the Senior Director of Volunteer Mobilization at Habitat for Humanity, but since then, she’s thrived in a consulting business focused on equity and leadership. Her session will help you step into leadership. Read more on the conference page.

Learn more about the NOnprofit Leadership Summit

If you’ve ever wondered, hey, what would it take to go work internationally, then you’ll dig this session-How to Get an International Fundraising Job with Daryl Upsall. Here’s a sample of what Daryl will be talking about on his session. 

If we had a magic wand for our organizations, what could we do? I would fix the culture. A lot of our nonprofit cultures could be more focused on philanthropy and treating workers well. That’s why we’re having a session on Creating a Better Nonprofit Culture from Day One with Della Rae. How can you get excited for this session? Well, join us for this quick webinar on March 27th, or check out this interview!)

This session is gonna be FIRE. Wow. If you, (like me) have struggled to build up enough clients to sustain your consulting gig, then this is session will give you fresh ideas on how to find your ideal clients and build a relationship with them. Building Your Consulting Pipeline (How to build a stellar consulting business) by Sarai Johnson (If you want to get a taste of why people start consulting-and some of our issues, check out this quick interview!)

Are you interested in being a manager or moving from management to leadership, but feel like you could be better at conflict? Well, you’re in luck! We have a whole session on how to have difficult conversations (and stop being so conflict avoidant) by Lori Eberly. She excels in helping people speak their truth. (Which is what being a wild woman of fundraising is all about!) 

PLUS there’s a session with me- Building Trust Deliberately as a Nonprofit Leader. This is gonna be revised, new and improved, from last year, with EVEN MORE ways to build trust. I wish I had known this when I started in any fundraising role, because so often, if our bosses don’t understand fundraising, we’re going to be under suspicion from the start. Especially if there’s been a lot of turnover. (Here’s a little taster on how you can build trust with ABCD Want more? Come to the session!)

Oh my. After seeing these little glimpses of our presenters and their topics, do you get why this year is so different and exciting? Are you pumped?

Me too.

 The early bird March pricing will only be available for the next 5 days. Then the price rises from $67 to $97. Sign up now to save! 

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