Did you know that every year on Halloween, I give away a bunch of free stuff for nonprofits to help them fundraise?

Well, I do!

How does it work?

I gather my friends around, and I say HEY, want to give away some stuff that helps nonprofits? And they say, Yeah!

So, this year, here’s what you’re getting with the 2015 Halloween Goodies Giveaway!

Halloween Goodies Giveaway Bloomerang

“Data that Changes the World,” a report on what your donor database should be tracking to help you fundraise the most effectively.

From Bloomerang, it’s donor database agnostic. So, go see how you can be a better fundraiser through technology! 🙂





Halloween Goodies Giveaway


You can listen to 14 Cause Marketing All Stars share their winning strategies from Joe Waters.

So what’s cause marketing then?

It’s kinda like sponsorships on steroids, all year round. Picture a big company giving a percentage of their proceeds to you. Or maybe partnering with you to offer something new, with joint branding.

There’s lots of ways to do cause marketing successfully, and I can’t describe them all here, that’s why you should listen to these interviews from Joe Waters at Selfish Giving!







“But Mazarine!” You’re saying. “What about the most effective way to fundraise? Isn’t that Major Gifts? Isn’t there a giveaway about that?

YES! I would tell you. YES! There’s Claire Axelrad’s Lucky 13 Major Gift Ask Treats

Halloween Goodies Giveaway

In case you don’t know who Claire Axelrad is, she’s the founder of Clairification, was named one of the best fundraising blogs of 2013 by Fundraising Success Magazine, has a J.D. AND a C.F.R.E. and teaches CFRE courses too!

On top of all that, she’s got over 30 years of fundraising experience, including being the Development Director at the San Francisco Food Bank and asking for big time major gifts!

She’s got a whole course and webinar series on major gifts, and so when it comes to making that big ask a little less scary, you should check this free ebook out!






Am I giving something away?

Of course I am! This is the best time of year to ask for sponsorships, so I wanted to give you something TIMELY. I’ve gotten over $350,000 in sponsorships for small nonprofits, and I’ve written a whole course on how to get sponsorships that has helped tons of people get more sponsorships!how to get sponsorships

AND I’m giving you a glimpse of it in my Introduction to Getting Sponsorships.

It’s a mini-course series of 7 instalments that will help you

  • Find new sponsor prospects,
  • Learn what timing is best for them,
  • Give you ideas on how to approach them, and even
  • How to start building a relationship with them!
  • And more!




Here’s what people say about my sponsorship advice:




These are just FOUR of the eight things we’re giving away in the Halloween Goodies Giveaway, so mosey on over to HalloweenGoodiesGiveaway.com and check out all of them!