Do you want to get more major gifts?

How about more bequest donors?

Do you want to be not just a fundraising guru but a better leader and manager?

If so, join us at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit.  It’s online, and each session will be recorded.

Here’s our schedule. Want to join us?

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Nonprofit Leadership Summit Schedule

Nonprofit leadership Summit online

Monday Sept 24th, 2018

8am PT-8:15am PT (11am-11:15am ET) Opening Keynote-Our time is now – Mazarine Treyz
8:15am-9:15am PT (11:15am-12:15pm ET) Building a Better Board- Kishshana Palmer
10am-11am PT (1pm-2pm ET) Lead in Love – Sarai Johnson
12pm-1pm PT (3pm-4pm ET) Hidden Assets for Fundraising Effectiveness: Your Management Practices – Ellen Bristol
1:30pm PT-2:30pm PT (4:30-5:30pm ET) Finding the hidden planned giving donors in your database – Jon Wright


Wednesday Sept 26th, 2018

8am-9am PT (11am-12pm ET) Resilient Leadership – Della Rae
10am-11am PT (1pm-2pm ET) Decolonizing Our Nonprofits -Neesha Powell-Twagirumukiza
12pm-1pm PT (3pm-4pm ET) Save money, save time! Marketing Automation for Non-Profits -Justin Handley
1:30pm PT-2:30pm PT (4:30-5:30pm ET) Coldcalling major donors made easy -Kristen Kennedy


Friday Sept 28th, 2018

8am-9am PT (11am-12pm ET) The Introverted Fundraiser | Turning a *Liability* Into an Asset -Pamela Grow
9am-10am (12pm-1pm ET) New Decent Work Research -Cathy Taylor and Pamela Uppal, The Ontario Nonprofit Network
10am-11am PT (1pm-2pm ET) Everything you wanted to know about getting grants, but were afraid to ask- Margie Fine
12pm-1pm PT (3pm-4pm ET) Creative problem solving for leaders- Daniel Hyman
1:30pm PT-2:30pm PT (4:30-5:30pm ET) Closing remarks -Mazarine Treyz


Here is your sneak preview of the summit!

VIDEO: 5 New Stages to get you closer to that Major Gift. Interview with Ellen Bristol

VIDEO: How to save weeks of time in a year with better automation. Interview with Justin Handley

VIDEO: Decolonizing Our Nonprofits. Interview with Neesha Powell

VIDEO: What is lead in love? An Interview with Sarai Johnson

VIDEO: How to make Your Nonprofit Stop Bleeding Money. Interview with Pamela Uppal

VIDEO: I used to hate calling donors. Now I’m Getting Major gifts on the phone. Interview with Kristen Kennedy

VIDEO: 3 Tips to Create Resilient Leadership. Interview with Della Rae

VIDEO: Who should you have on your board? What is governance? Interview with Kishshana Palmer,