After you’ve gotten a fundraising job, and moved on up, gotten that raise and done some work life balance,



How do you manage a fundraising team successfully?

It’s hard to know, a lot of us don’t get training in how to do this.

We’re going to have a session at this year’s Fundraising Career Conference on how to be a better fundraising manager, and how to mentor others as well. Peter Drury, of Seattle Children’s Hospital will be teaching it.

Managing others in fundraising

Which solutions focused questions can you ask today?

If you’re tired of people just walking by your desk and interrupting you JUST as you’re getting into a work groove- or worse, wanting to debrief and whine to you endlessly, here are some ways you can derail the complaining train and get back into your work groove.



Having trouble holding onto your fundraising staff? Here’s why.

This advice could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Taken from Donor Centered Leadership, these numbers will shock you. And then you’ll ask yourself, why do we keep doing this to ourselves, over and over again?



Positive management- How to inspire your team-and raise more than you ever thought possible

Check out this interview with Kishshana Palmer, she raised over DOUBLE their goal with this very simple, yet effective idea.


This one thing is what makes us inefficient

This will surprise you. We’re not wasting money on marketing our nonprofits, we’re not wasting money on salaries, we’re not wasting money on programs, it’s something much more invisible but deadly.


Neofeudalism, in MY nonprofit? (It’s more likely than you think!)

One startling simple tactic that stops hiring bias cold

If you’re wondering why your team isn’t more diverse, why your nonprofit isn’t finding any good candidates, THIS may have an answer for you.


Firing your development director? It’s not you, it’s me!

How do you know when a development director is a good fit for your team? Well, ask yourself these questions before you press that firing button.


Strengths in Fundraising Work

Motivating and Managing with your strengths

When you start to learn about how to apply your unique strengths to fundraising, and help your team apply their strengths to fundraising, you’re going to unlock a huge untapped reservoir of energy and resources in your nonprofit, that you never even knew existed!


The Fundraising Profession

New Research from Sarah K. Nathan PhD. on the fundraising profession

What are the trends in fundraising that you should take a look at? Sarah Nathan has the answer for you, in an updated study about fundraising career trends.


Is your nonprofit work meaningful work?

Sometimes we come from the corporate sector and we think that nonprofits have the market cornered on meaningful work. However, it’s meaningful if we MAKE it meaningful. It can be as Martin Luther King said- if you are a street sweeper, you can be the best street sweeper in the world, and that can be the meaning in your life. And if you want to, you can go get a corporate job- and donate to a nonprofit. Or volunteer. You don’t have to work full time.


23 Fundraising Career Mistakes I hope you won’t make

When I worked full time in fundraising, I had some major fundraising career mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes are all too common. Don’t make the assumptions I made.

10 Shocking Scary Secrets of Working in Fundraising

This post was written right around Halloween- and it starts- Do you want to know what’s REALLY scary? This may startle you-but it’s true.

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