Do you want a bigger salary? This is a how-to video for women to negotiate salaries from Ramit Sethi of http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/. It shows key negotiation tactics for how you can get a better salary in your next job. Often we, as women, do not negotiate for the salary we really want. I have certainly been guilty of this myself. However, when you go to a nonprofit, and they expect you to raise them hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, you need to be able to keep asking them what the range of compensation for the position is. Find out this number up front. The last thing you want to do is waste time at another meeting where people are expecting you to work for free, or as a stipended volunteer.

If you want to see the ceiling for how much you could get paid at a nonprofit, Guidestar has listed a great many US nonprofits, and they are required to disclose in their 990 forms how much their chief executive makes. So from there, you can calculate how much they will be willing to pay you.

This is a key way to do your research before the interview. If you note that they have made more money year on year for the past four years, which is disclosed on the first page of their 990, you know you are talking to a nonprofit that is doing well. If you see static or downward numbers, you know that something is up at this nonprofit, and something needs to change, possibly at the executive or board level, for you to raise the money they need. Prepare your questions accordingly.

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