Here’s my confession.

Last year I complained to friends I was “tired” of talking about all of the terrible things that white supremacy does to black bodies.

I got “allyship fatigue” and it was “too depressing.” WELP.

Allyship fatigue is an insult to black folks who never get to rest.

So first of all, I was wrong and I am sorry.

if you’re a white person tired of talking about Black lives and seeing these protests, hearing the tear gas canisters go off and signing petitions, if you wish the world would just “get back to normal,” please know that normal wasn’t working.

It doesn’t work when white folks say we want to build a better world, but then the implicit assumption is, “just as long as it doesn’t make me uncomfortable.”

That’s why we need to build activism into our everyday nonprofit lives. 

Here’s my latest post on Bloomerang for 11 ways to do that.