Time for some hard truths: 40% of nonprofits could cease to exist in the next year. YIKES! 

What this means: We are outgrowing the form we inhabit.


Old systems will crumble as a new order arises.

When we flip the script, we see the new world growing within the ashes of the old, and it is based on equality. That is the New Power Fundraising Conference.

Our new power lies in equality. In bringing people together.

True equality is based on a respect for individual uniqueness. This equality is giving birth to a new social paradigm all across our planet.

Our upsurge in consciousness will slowly unite us as human beings. 

Some of our nonprofits may fail, but their programs are still needed.

If we don’t want to fail, we need to invest in fundraising and in fundraisers. 

Fundraising feeds our nonprofits

It gives us nutrients to keep going.  If a system needs to last, it must learn to feed itself as it grows. If a nonprofit needs to expand, it must take in an ever growing source of nutrients.

We need to expand and evolve. Fractal growth means expanding in many directions at once. This only happens when people inside the organization also evolve.

I invite you to evolve in your own expression of power.

I invite your nonprofit to evolve and expand, and raise more than ever before with new fundraising models.

Join us in the New Power Fundraising Conference.

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The world needs us to come together in community now more than ever.

Want to join us? 

TLDR: Our nonprofit system is broken. We can learn how to flip the script, assert our power, and raise more money. Thanks to your feedback, I’ve gathered an incredible group of experts to show you how, on November 11-13th, ONLINE. Learn more here