Organizations that prioritize people as a pillar of the long-term strategy lend themselves to healthier and more sustainable outcomes.” -Della Rae

1. What are some ways organizations can engage new team members from day one?

The number one reason people fail before the first 30 days is because on-boarding is typically limited to reviewing duties and HR paperwork.

In contrast, welcoming team members with org history, culture, team charts, tools and communication protocols, from day one substantially adds to inclusion and engagement.


2. What could organizations do to help support and engage new team members for success?

Team member success happens when organizations institute a specific, routine and mandatory “check-in” processes that include more than reviewing a “punch list” of work, but involve questions that address concerns, make space for feedback and celebrate wins! Secondly, supervisors are accountable to this process being upheld.

The underpinning key to this, and all other protocols is that all employees must be equipped with training on how org systems operate.


3. What are the five core elements that keep an organization thriving?

1. Leadership sets the tone, consistency and growth of its culture with no exception.

2. Every employee understands and is able to clearly articulate the same org mission, values and goals.

3. Supervisory skills are evaluated and trained prior to being promoted.

4. Teams are trained to ensure employees know what they are responsible for and why.

5. Challenges are faced head on and wins are celebrated.

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