Last week I was lucky enough to interview Erica Waasdorp, author of Monthly Giving, the Sleeping Giant, and a forthcoming book, Monthly Giving Made Easy.

Erica will be speaking at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit in September about how you can make the most of monthly gifts during the economic and political uncertainty.

I’ve previously interviewed Erica:
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YES new donors do join monthly giving programs!

To learn more about Erica’s services, please visit A Dirct Solution, at

And if you want to learn more about monthly giving during times of turmoil you MUST JOIN US at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit! Erica will be teaching you everything she knows.

PLUS we’ll have a second session just on monthly giving starting from scratch, with Kenita Pierce-Lewis. Go here to get a sneak peek at that session.

Join us at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit

Here’s what people said last year about the Nonprofit Leadership Summit:

Everything is still sinking in, but I definitely got the most out of Andy Robinson’s session on Boards, Mazarine’s last session, and Kishshana Palmer. Andy Robinson provided tools that I think are invaluable and I cannot wait to bring this to our Board’s sustainability group. Kishshana Palmer was a rockstar! Super engaging and a ton of great information to take in. Mazarine, is just fabulous! I’ve seen some of the tools she showed before, but it was another kick to start really using them to streamline my everyday crazy schedule and really decide what was priority. I love your newsletter! We have been an organization who has fallen to the reversal of the 80/20 rule focusing more on communications and events then on donorship (which is a newer concept I’ve been fighting to bring into our organization). Some of this will (hopefully) help me really push our organization to developing a strong donor base that has been such a huge missed opportunity!

-Kristina Chenault, Community Outreach Coordinator, P2 Collaborative of Western New York, West Seneca, NY

Thanks to all for re-igniting my inner fire that had dampened a little. I am re-energized and cannot wait to implement the plans I have for 2017.

-Leslie Clay, Chief Development Officer, Hope Cottage, Dallas, TX