Lately I’ve been helping people make plans. Communications plans. Fundraising plans. And a combo of both. Thanks to my contract with Oregon Metro, I got to teach people how to do communications plans last week. And now I’m working with VerdeNW, a nonprofit here in Portland, to help them with their plans too. I’m so excited to see these plans come to fruition! And for you, I want to say let’s plan too!

Let’s plan to help you succeed. 

This summer, it’s time to WOOP. 
What’s a WOOP? An acronym standing for

Wish-First you wish. Dream big. What do you REALLY want to achieve for this month? This week? This day? How will it make you feel?

Outcomes-Next you think about what concretely you can achieve. 2 more grant proposals out the door? 1 call to a donor? Write it down.

Obstacles– We’ve all got them. Let’s see what we can do to minimize them. For me, it’s deleting Instagram from my phone-AGAIN. I also use an app called BrainFocus.

Plan – finally, my favorite part! The actual plan. First this, then that. But you see why you have to do the other ones first? So you can get excited about what you’re doing? Go for your wish! think about how fun it will be when you get it!

I want to help you with more planning and more exciting professional development. Let’s WISH together-first!

Here’s my gift to you

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