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Hi Mazarine, I just want to say I really really really enjoy your emails.  They are very inspirational!  We fundraise once a year within the congregation, so fundraising is not part of this office, but I NEVER delete your emails. Keep up the wonderful work that you do! Your emails are a JOY to read. -Jacqueline, Calgary

“You are awesome, Mazarine. You’re super great at encouraging fundraisers like me, and I am grateful that you have made that a focus and priority. Your information is always incredibly helpful and timely. I love the resources you GIVE US FREELY!  You are a rockstar!  You make me a better fundraiser. Just wanted you to know how appreciated you are!” -A. Morgan

I love your emails! You are a terrific and captivating writer who has great knowledge of fundraising. Thanks for all of your inspiration! -Jill Loethen, University fundraising professional

Just wanted to let you know I enjoy receiving your enewsletters. They are always interesting, informative and enlightening. I appreciate your unique, tongue in cheek humor, as well.  Why be so serious about fundraising, right?  Love your style! In today’s enews email I especially appreciated reading the article about the new rules for fundraising. Thanks for all you do to help the fundraisers of the world.

-Kim Johnsen, Director of Marketing and Membership, Natural Land Institute

“Omg mazarine I need a dose of you everyday!! U r amazing.” -Reader in Philadelphia, PA

What's our track record?
Since the end of 2009, I've been posting useful fundraising and fundraising career articles on Wild Woman Fundraising. 

These articles have helped lots of people succeed in their annual reports, appeal letters, enewsletters, fundraising planning, careers and more.
What's inside?

 Here's a listing of just a few of my articles and interviews that you will get access to as a member of Fundraising School.

Nonprofit Management Articles

6 tips to be a better nonprofit manager

Do you really want to grow?

Do you need to hire a Development Director?

So You Want to Lead a Nonprofit Part 1

So You Want to Lead a Nonprofit Part 2

Octavia Butler on Leadership

Who do you think you’re talking to? How to manage Gen Y

How do you become a nonprofit consultant? (By Mike Bacon)

How is the Texas Nonprofit Sector Changing?

Exclusive Interview with Kim Klein, nonprofit author, editor, publisher, consultant, and grassroots fundraiser

8 ways to be a good board member

Managing and Motivating others, Part 1

Managing and Motivating Others, Part 2

Managing and Motivating Others, Part 3

How to be an executive director

How to be Chief Development Officer

Who do you need on your board, and how can you get them there?

Grab that rusty board member and heave-ho matey!

What happens when you don’t pay a living wage

What would it take to make your fundraising 100% more effective?

Is there a lot of dead wood in your office?
PLUS tons of interviews with nonprofit leaders on leadership! 


Fundraising Careers Articles
How to manage up when your boss is not a fundraiser

Elementary my dear: How to interview and find out if your boss is a bully

How to negotiate your salary

Are you looking for a fundraising job?

3 lies about moving up in your nonprofit career, and 3 truths

How can you discover your strengths?

How to ace that nonprofit interview

But they all want five years of experience!

10 questions to find why “it just doesn’t feel right”

Does your job satisfy you?

How to recover from a toxic workplace

Why self care for fundraisers is so important

How to respond when a manager yells at you

Bullying bosses can cause employee suicide

How can you get your boss to listen to you?

Are you attacked for your fashion?

Moving up in your nonprofit: How does it work?

Are you abandoning yourself for your job?

Have you ever been fired? Was that awesome, or what?

18 habits every fundraiser should have in their first 6 months on the job

4 jobs for introverted fundraisers

8 secret signs you might be getting fired

What stories do you tell about your fundraising job?

4 ways to find what work is most fulfilling to you

13 things HR won’t tell you about your fundraising job

Is your job eating your life?

14 problems only fundraisers understand

The one delusion that keeps you stuck

11 ways to make today better in your fundraising office

Women and Workaholism in your fundraising office
Appeal Letter How-To Articles
Writing Your Appeal

My first appeal letter

How to Write an Appeal Letter Part 1

How to Write an Appeal Letter Part 2

The Inner Game of Writing Your Appeal Letter: Part 1

The Inner Game of Writing Your Appeal Letter: Part 2

How many stories should you put in your appeal?

CASE STUDY: How do you edit an appeal letter to make it even more effective?

How to get money in the mail

How to get more money through direct mail, interview with Jules Brown

3 Steps to Getting More Money In the Mail

Does adding extra stuff to your appeal mailing work?

How often to communicate with your supporters?


Rewriting your appeal letter (making it better)

How to write a better story for your nonprofit (with the help of Robert Daley)

How can you measure if your mailings are working?

Watch me tear apart this healthcare appeal

Brutally Honest Appeal Letter Critique 

What makes a good story for your nonprofit appeal?

Getting your donor to give more in your year end appeal

A winning formula to write your appeal letter

10 tips to write a better end of year nonprofit appeal

Rewriting an appeal letter: Cut out the gangrene

A tale of two cities (in your appeal letter)

11 tips on how to write original appeal letters

Try this one phrase in your next appeal

Fundraising on a Shoestring

8 places to find volunteers

6 tips for making your fundraising program better

Teaching other people how to fundraise

20 money saving tips for Fundraisers

Are you fundraising in a small shop?

8 ways NOT to write a fundraising plan

Why are nonprofits asked to fight with one hand tied behind
their backs?

Yeah, you know you need to learn how to delegate. How about right now?

You’re the entrepreneur in your Development office! Part 1

Why market your nonprofit to women?
Fundraising Ideas

17 Quotes To Encourage Your Donors To Be More Generous
52 Ways to Fundraise

The Zen of Fundraising

Why your dog is a great fundraiser

Your Massive Fundraising Resource List

What is fundraising?

Can we trade charity futures?

Do you have any thought-stopping cliches? Are you sure?

The New Rules of Fundraising

The 5 smartest things you can do for your fundraising this fall

Stop fundraising (the way you always have)
Sponsorships & Major Gifts

How do you get an event sponsorship?

When you’re organizing an event, what 3 things guarantee success?

Your Fundraising Plan Checklist

How to get a million dollar sponsorship

One thing you’ve probably done
to jeopardize your sponsorship

3 tips to get more sponsorships from Cause Marketing for Dummies

These 6 questions will help you get that corporate sponsorship

Major Gifts

INTERVIEW: Kittens and Thank
You Notes with C.A.T. 

How your donors view money

Connecting with high net worth

Making that major gifts call

Who is a major donor?

Starting your major gifts program

Why major gifts fundraising is like hosting a dinner party-Guest post by Cassie Gruenstein

What ELSE do you get?

You get a discount on all of my e-courses, including:

1. Your Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Online Giving and Crowdfunding course     (over $230 value)
BONUS: Crowdfunding with Brady Josephson Webinar Recording


2. Secrets of Keeping Your Donors E-Course  (over $300 value)
BONUS: Keeping Your Donors Webinar Recording
BONUS: Loving your donors and keeping them, FOR GOOD Webinar
BONUS: How to Find New Donors


3. Advanced Annual Reports for Fundraising E-Course, (over $300 value)
BONUS Recording: Making a Better Annual Report
BONUS Recording: Advanced Annual Reports for Print and Web


4. Your Ultimate Guide to a Bigger Sponsorship E-Course  (over $340 value)
BONUS Recording: Wildly Successful Events
BONUS Recording: What Your Sponsors Really Want
BONUS Recording: How to start getting sponsors


5. Fantastic Monthly Giving E-Course (over $200 value)

6. Your Ultimate Guide to Fundraising with Volunteers E-Course (over $200 value)
BONUS Recording: How to find and keep volunteers
BONUS Recording: How to get volunteers to fundraise for you


7. Getting More Donations Through Your Enewsletters E-Course (over $240 value)
BONUS Recording: Getting More People to Open Your Enewsletters
BONUS Recording: Getting People to Donate through Your E-newsletters
BONUS Recording: Getting People to Click Donate on Your Nonprofit Website


8. Your Ultimate Guide to Successful Year End Appeals E-Course (over $240 value)
BONUS Recording: Crucial Year End Giving Strategies
BONUS Recording: How to write a stunning direct mail package piece by piece
BONUS Recording: Tons of Money in the Mail

9. Creating a Better Fundraising Plan E-Course (over $200 value)

BONUS recording: Fundraising Planning webinar

Wild Woman Fundraising School created by Mazarine Treyz, Author, The Wild Woman's Guide to Fundraising and other books.

Treyz is a nationally-recognized strategist for fundraising planning and communications. Creator of over 12 e-courses, 3 masterclasses and 3 books, she has coached and taught over 17,000 nonprofit professionals how to be better fundraisers since 2010. Partners and clients include: AFP International, US Olympic Committee, Meals on Wheels National, GuideStar, VolunteerMatch, NetworkforGood, Association of Donor Relations Professionals, Idealist.org, Bloomerang, Blackbaud and many others.

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 Yes! Each member of Wild Woman Fundraising School gets access to all recordings within two weeks of the session.

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